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Nov 19

Logitrain Provides the Best CompTIA Training in Australia

CompTIA Training

The training in Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is one that actively involves the association which plays an important role, in the expansion of today’s Computing and Technically extensive businesses across the globe. It mainly focuses on training and certifying Individuals and Students who have the potential to learn and grow in the field of IT.

Upon completion of the training you gain a standard membership in the corporate world of Computers. And these Certifications are all accredited by the American National Standards Institute. These certifications like all the other Certifications and programs have a life of three years, after which you will need to validate and retake the certification.

There are many Training programs which come under CompTIA Training:

A+ Certification: This certification is designed to showcase your skills as a Computer Technician, and is the basic training program you will need to start your career in any IT field. The pre-requisite is basic computer knowledge and The CompTIA A+ Certification requires you to clear 220-801 and 220-802 Exams, You will gain knowledge and expertise in maintenance and operating of Computers, printers, Laptops and so on. It helps you to enhance your knowledge in the installation and maintain of basic level networking.

Network+ Certification: This program is focused on maintaining, Troubleshooting, Configuring and Infrastructure, Networking and so on, the ideal candidate will learn all the basic standards in the above mentioned expertise and can work on testing tools, the focus is mainly on Networks support individuals and Networking Technician who are waiting for a jump in the careers.

Security+ Certification: As the title suggests this certification is for IT Professionals who work in demonstration of Security systems in organisations. The candidate will learn how to access and prevent threats and protect network systems and important data being misused by unknown sources, it provides training in prevention, control and management in IT Security.

CLOUD Essentials Certification: This training provides focus and skills and knowledge in the main Cloud Computing Concepts and functions. An Individual will learn skills related to Technical Support, Sales, service providers, Staffing and so on. The program helps you to enhance your knowledge and terms used for Cloud Computing.

CTT+ Certification: This certification is basically for the Technical Trainers who need the skills and knowledge in applying the right technology in the right place and mainly focuses on the method of training given to trainers and those trainers need to be CTT+ Certified first by the CompTIA vendors. So this basically enhances the skills of Trainers, Facilitators and so on.

The other programs under CompTIA certifications training are CLOUD+, SERVER+ AND LINUX +, based on your skills and experience you will be eligible to learn and work on these different platforms of Systems and please visit our Website www.logitrain.com.au for all the detailed information regarding the fees and the course durations and we are located in many centers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We conduct mock tests and our centers are authorized to conduct the exams at our centers without the hassle of running around for the training materials and exam locations. Logitrain is your one stop for all your queries and questions related to many such trainings and certifications in the ever changing computers world.

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