Terms and Conditions

By attending a training course or using Logitrain services, I agree to the following terms and conditions and that I shall not:
a) Supply false information or exclude important facts in my application
b) Fail to abide by the rules and regulations of Logitrain
c) Frequently be late or absent, for reasons within my control
d) Cause any damage or destruction to Logitrain property
e) Engage in unlawful behaviour or misconduct, contrary to the best interests of Logitrain

Terms and Conditions
(in the text below the word “courses and training” refers to course, package, internship, career counselling and program – package or program is defined as a booking made for a combination of more than one course).
1. All course/course(s) within a package/program fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. If paying in instalments they must be paid on the payment schedule given and cannot be changed. If the instalment plan is breached, Logitrain reserves the right to invoice the participant for the full outstanding amount. All exams and courseware issued will be forfeited. Training and related benefits will freeze unless the instalments are paid. Training cannot be attended, official certification exam(s) or mock test(s) cannot be attempted.
3. All communication to Logitrain must be through the email used to book the training.
4. All training must be completed in its entirety once commences and in the schedule offered by Logitrain and breaks are not allowed unless approved in writing by Logitrain through info@logitrain.com.au. If registered for a part-time package or program, some courses may run as a full-time or live online training.
5. Course fee does not include certification exam fee unless advertised on the specific course page.
6. Payment must be received before the course commencement date.
7. Enrolment will only be confirmed on receipt of online booking form.
8. Course material, if issued will not be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances.
9. Logitrain reserves the right to amend the courses, packages, programs, our services and these terms and conditions from time to time.
10. You are required to take responsibility and make good for any damage caused to Logitrain property by you. After joining the training, Logitrain will liaise with the participant only for all communication.
11. Logitrain reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum, course dates, timing, trainers and fees. Logitrain will not be liable under any circumstances for anything more than the course fee paid. If training is not attended as per schedule, the exam time frame will commence automatically from the course completion date.
12. Logitrain reserves the right to deny admission in the course, if trainer feels the participant does not meet the prerequisites.
13. Recording equipment of any kind or camera usage is forbidden in the classroom. Use of such devices will result in expulsion from the course, course fee will be forfeited and legal proceedings may occur.
14. No part of the lecture or handouts may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from Logitrain
15. The practise questions provided are a guide only. Logitrain takes no responsibility if these questions do not appear in the official certification exam or if the exam is failed.
16. The handouts, lectures given and course material provided is designed to assist participants in preparation for the certification exams. While every effort has been made to ensure that all material is as complete and accurate as possible; neither the authors, trainers nor Logitrain assume any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss or damages incurred from the training. To protect our intellectual property, Logitrain will not provide the slides or presentations delivered in the class.
17. Logitrain reserves the right to use your name, company name, feedback, comments, testimonials, evaluations, pictures and videos obtained during the course for its promotional, website and marketing activities; unless you direct otherwise in writing before your course finishes.
18. Logitrain is indemnified against any claims or suits for loss, injury, or other damage to any person or object arising from the provision of any services and/or resources to the full extent permissible by law.
19. If a participant purchases a Logitrain package or program (defined as any booking made for a combination of more than one courses) and wishes to cancel, the participant must notify Logitrain in writing. Cancellation will be accepted as long as none of the courses in the package or program have been joined/attended. No refund of money shall be made; a training credit note with a validity of 1 month shall be issued equal to the amount of paid. Cancellation does not become effective until Logitrain receives written notice.
20. The training must be attended and completed with 1 month of receiving the credit note. The training, exams, internship and any other services which are purchased at a location must be utilised at that location, Transfer of services within branches is not allowed.
21. Failure to attend a training course without notice will result in the forfeit of that course booking and any payment made for the training course.
22. You agree that you will not, without the written consent of Logitrain, during the period of 12 months after the provision of courses solicit, interfere with or endeavour to entice away any employee, trainer, or contractor of Logitrain. You acknowledge that any breach by you of this clause would cause irreparable harm and significant damage and accordingly Logitrain has the right to seek and obtain immediate injunctive relief in relation to any such breach and/or Logitrain will be entitled to recover the amount of $5,000.00 from you by way of liquidated damages. You acknowledge that the covenants contained in this clause are fair and reasonable and that the Logitrain is relying upon this acknowledgement in entering into this agreement.
23. If payment is not received by course start date then we have the right to refuse the entry to the course. In such circumstances, the invoice in question will remain payable in full.
24. All course bookings are confirmed upon receipt of payment. 3% surcharge applies to payments made via credit card.
25. Participants are required to submit payment at the time of the booking or prior to course commencement.
26. Notification of cancellation of a course must be received in writing with ten or more working days prior to course commencement. For cancellation, you must contact Logitrain via the email info@logitrain.com.au.
27. All course alterations, transfer or cancellations made within fifteen business days prior to course commencement are subject to a 50% transfer/cancellation fee.
28. If participant wishes to cancel the training course, they must notify Logitrain in writing. No refund of monies shall be made; however, training credit with 1 month validity shall be issued for the amount of money paid. Cancellation does not become effective until we receive this written notification.
29. If a participant feels that the course/package/program is not appropriate for him/her or they are dissatisfied with the course, quality of the training, facilities, environment etc. within two hours of training commencement, they must inform Logitrain in writing by emailing info@logitrain.com.au. This will enable us to transfer the participant to an appropriate course/program/package or issue a refund. In the circumstances of course change, all materials provided by Logitrain must be returned as soon as possible. Sitting the training beyond the first two hours implies participant commitment and no refunds will be provided nor will transfers be arranged.
30. Attendance substitution is not accepted. Refunds will not be issued to participants who fail to attend training.
31. Logitrain holds the right to change the course dates, timing of courses and fees without prior notice and will not be liable for anything more than the course fee paid. Logitrain under no circumstances assumes the responsibility for non-refundable airline tickets, staff salaries, wages or other expenses incurred due to course cancellations, course unable to run, technical issues, delays, dissatisfaction with the course or compensation for time lost.
32. It is the responsibility of participants to fulfil the course prerequisites. One training resit is offered to full-time participants enrolled in courses within 3 months of course completion. Resits in part-time programs is only offered as full-time within 3 months of course completion. In order to apply for a course resit the participant should email info@logitrain.com.au. We will try to allocate a seat in the next available course (the courses run subject to minimum registrations). The resit does not alter the three months official exam timeframe or the three months mock test time frame.
33. All Logitrain programs/packages/ courses are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be completed within 6 months of the commencement of the first course/module. Courses in the packages and programs cannot be changed.
34. Logitrain is not liable for the theft, loss or damage to participant’s property when attending exams and/or courses.
35. All courses, courses within packages and programs will run subject to minimum registrations. If minimum registrations are not reached alternate course date will be provided, no refunds will be issued.
36. If the course is rescheduled/cancelled by the attendee/participant more than 20 business days before commencement a 20% rescheduling/cancellation fee applies. If the course is rescheduled/cancelled more than 15 business days before commencement a 50% rescheduling/cancellation fee applies. Courses cannot be rescheduled/cancelled less than 10 business days before commencement and the total course fee is charged. You acknowledge that due to programming and course delivery requirements the covenants contained in this clause are fair and reasonable and that Logitrain is relying upon this acknowledgement in entering into this agreement. If a course, course within package or program is unable to be delivered for any other reason Logitrain will deliver the course on the earliest possible alternate dates and no refunds will be issued.
37. All courses, courses within packages and programs must be completed in its entirety once commenced. If the course is not attended on the schedule given the course is considered to have been delivered. Logitrain is not liable to deliver to course again.
38. If exam(s) are included the official certification exam(s) must be registered and attempted for each individual course/module at Logitrain test center within 3 months of individual course/module completion where the training was undertaken. The course completion date is the official completion date and is not dependant if any class is missed. Exam must be taken at Logitrain test center only. Exam cannot be attempted until fees is paid in full and is valid for 1 attempt only, we will pay for the exam only once. Exam must be registered and attempted within 3 months of course completion at the location where the training was delivered. Exam cost cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or refund and is non-transferable, non-extendable. Exam cannot be combined with other vendor vouchers or discounts. Exam can only be rescheduled or cancelled 3 business days before the test date and will incur a charge of $200. The 3 months duration cannot be extended under any circumstances. Exam registration is strictly subject to seat availability and will be confirmed if proposed date and time is available. Logitrain is not responsible if 3 months duration expires due to seat availability; no adjustments will be made. Candidate must arrive 30 minutes before the exam start time on the day of the exam; no show or if the candidate arrives more than 15 minutes after the appointment the exam will not be delivered and the exam will be rescheduled. For all official exam booking terms and conditions and procedure, please visit logitrain.com.au/logitrain.html
39. At Logitrain, a ‘private course’ means a course organised for the organisation that has purchased the training. In private course, only those participants are allowed which are selected by the organisation.
40. In order to confirm a private course booking, specific date and all other associated resources are required with the decided payment. Remember, payment will be required at the time of accepting the Logitrain private course quote. Payment can be made by Credit Card, Cheque, EFT or Purchase Order.
41. All requests to change or cancel private course dates once confirmed, must be made in writing no less than 10 business days prior to the commencement date of the course.
42. Logitrain reserves the right, if necessary, to make alterations or changes to a previously confirmed training course date or a training course currently being delivered for a variety of reasons including but not exclusively, illness, unavailability of the trainer, circumstances beyond our control or other unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, Logitrain will endeavour to inform the participant as soon as practicable. In an event where it is necessary to re-schedule the course(s) to another date(s) Logitrain shall inform the participant as soon as possible regarding the new course delivery date(s). The participant may apply for refund or training credits which will be valid for 6 months when the re-scheduling of the course(s) has been done by Logitrain. Logitrain will have no other/further liability of any type due to changes to the course date other than those set out in this condition and no other claim for compensation or expenses will be considered.
43. Remote lab access is provided on a best effort basis as access is shared by participants, we do not assume responsibility as participants can misconfigure the devices and lose connectivity, this may cause the service to be unavailable.
44. Mock tests if included in your course, package or program are available on weekdays during business hours and are subject to the terms and conditions listed at on the appropriate link at www.logitrain.com.au/logitrain.html
45. We reserve the right to view and record activities undertaken at Logitrain premises through cameras and other recording mechanisms.
46. Within the guaranteed job programs, the internship is done at Logitrain. Guarantee3 program once commenced must be completed within a period of one year; if the program continues beyond one year due to taking a break in the program, instalments not paid on time, not being able to pass certification exams, not able to commence internship on time, lack of co-ordination with recruitment team, not replying to our emails or not attending the classes as per schedule, the job guarantee3 condition is automatically met or becomes void.
47. If the instalment is not paid by the due date, there will be a late fee of $50 per week. Official certification exam, mock tests and training will freeze until the instalment and late fee is paid.
48. Lunch is only included in the full-time courses (excludes discounted courses, live online training, packages and programs).
49. It is not possible to change from full-time to part-time or vice versa after training has commenced.
50. Due to the benefits included, the price of a course in part-time programs is 1.6 times the price of a standard part-time course.
51. All communication of changes in courses, programs, packages, internships must be provided in writing to Logitrain, we have a policy of sending emails of any approved changes for clarity and convenience. Our staff do not approve changes verbally. Logitrain cannot be held liable by claiming one of our staff approved the change verbally. If you believe any change has been approved verbally, please ask for it to be sent in an email through info@logitrain.com.au.
52. By signing up, attending training (regardless of the booking process/method/including if you request us to book on your behalf) you are accepting the terms and conditions above.