Terms and Conditions

By attending a training course or using Logitrain services, I confirm I am over 18 years of age and agree to the following terms and conditions and that I shall not:

a) Supply false information or exclude important facts in my booking
b) Fail to abide by the rules and regulations of Logitrain
c) Frequently be late or absent for reasons within my control
d) Cause any damage or destruction to Logitrain property
e) Engage in unlawful behaviour or misconduct contrary to the best interests of Logitrain

Terms and Conditions
Logitrain Pty Ltd (ABN 50 615 898 103) agrees to supply goods and services (“Services”) to a purchaser, participant, attendee, student or course recipient (“Client”, “Participant”, “Candidate”, “Student”, “You” or “Your”) on these standard terms and conditions (“Terms”). In the text below, the words “course” and “training” may refer to a course, package, internship, career counselling and program depending on your registration – package or program is defined as a booking made for a combination of more than one course. The courses and services built into the programs and packages are not charged separately, nor can they be removed individually. We are unable to alter our services that you do not agree with or choose not to avail. Logitrain quotes are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The website is updated from time to time; we use caching services to improve the website loading speed. Visitors must use the updated information by clearing the cookies in their browser or using private/incognito mode to load the updated information.

This Agreement is governed by and is in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, Australia. Any legal matters arising will commence and conclude within the jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts.

By using this website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by these terms and conditions, do not use this website.

1. All course(s) within a package/program fees or initial/token payments for the training are non-transferable. All communication to Logitrain must be through the same email address used to book the training. Participants take responsibility for providing a correct and acceptable email address for receipt of all information sent via email.

2. All Logitrain programs/packages/courses are non-transferable and must be completed within six months of the commencement of the first course/module. Courses in the packages and programs cannot be changed. Starting a career in any field, regardless of your current circumstances, educational background, or work experience, requires commitment, hard work, motivation, determination, resilience, self-study, and perseverance. These attributes/abilities are entirely based on the participant, do not sign up for our services, if you are not confident. As a provider, we can impart technical knowledge, help improve their skills and provide guidance. Academy courses and academic alliance courses are only delivered in our diploma qualification.

3. It is the responsibility of the participant(s) to fulfil the course prerequisites. All courses require participants to do self-study; it is an integral part of the training course. We highly recommend spending ample time for self-study during our courses by reviewing and consolidating what you have learned to be well-prepared for the exam. Self-study using the products with various scenarios and data sets is critical as per the course requirements. It is not necessary you will pass the exam following a training course, neither we claim you will pass the certification exam after attending our training course.

4. Recording equipment, recording software/applications of any kind, and camera usage are strictly forbidden during training, including but not limited to the classroom, in-house, live online training, and mock tests. Use of such devices, software/applications will result in expulsion from the training, the training fee will be forfeited, and legal proceedings may commence.

5. No part of the training and mock tests may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from Logitrain via info@logitrain.com.au.

6. The practice questions provided, reference material or any online materials provided, suggested or recommended before, during and after the training are a guide only. Logitrain cannot validate/verify the questions or answers nor take responsibility if these questions do not appear in the official certification exam or if the official certification exam is failed for any reason. To enhance learning, participants need to self-study, do their research and refer to the course material to verify the questions and answers to the practice questions.

7. Training delivered and course material provided is designed to assist participants in preparing for the certification exams. Our courses may not cover all items listed on the blueprint/syllabus/exam objectives/course objectives. While every effort has been made to ensure that all material is as complete and accurate as possible; neither the authors, trainers, nor Logitrain assumes any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss or damages incurred from our training or services. To protect intellectual property, Logitrain does not provide the slides delivered during training.

8. Logitrain may use your name, company name, feedback, comments, testimonials, reviews, evaluations, test results, pictures and videos obtained during the course for its promotional, website and marketing activities; unless you direct otherwise in writing.

9. Logitrain is indemnified against any claims or suits for loss, injury, or other damage to any person or object arising from the provision of any of its services and/or resources to the full extent permissible by law. By entering the site, you will be deemed to have released and discharged Logitrain Pty Ltd from all liability that might arise. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this website.

10. Instalments must be paid as per the given payment schedule and cannot be changed. If the instalment plan is breached, Logitrain reserves the right to invoice the participant for the full outstanding amount. Until the instalments are paid, and up to date, the training and related benefits will freeze, e.g. training cannot be attended, official certification exam(s) or mock test(s) cannot be attempted. The original timeframe for the official certification exam(s) or mock test(s) will not be extended.

11. All courses, courses within packages and programs must be completed in their entirety once commenced by following the given schedule; breaks are not allowed unless approved in writing by Logitrain before registration through info@logitrain.com.au. If registered for a part-time package or program, some courses may run as full-time or live online training. If the course is not attended without notice on the schedule given, the course is considered to have been delivered. Logitrain is not liable to deliver the training again.

12. Enrolment is confirmed on receipt of online booking using the Book Now form; it is a formal and legal commitment by the participant or their employer to undertake the training and for the services. Once the Book Now is received, we reserve the participant seat, organise the course material, and allocate the trainer and the relevant resources required to deliver the training. If the training is then not attended by the participant, cancelled or rescheduled, we incur a loss. Hence, if the booking is cancelled, rescheduled, or training is not attended by the participant/organisation, the invoice or a portion of the invoice remains payable.

13. Payment can be made by EFT, Cheque, Credit Card or Purchase Order (for Credit Clients only). A 3% surcharge applies to payments made via credit cards. By paying the fee, you confirm having the authority to use the credit card or bank account you are using to pay the fee.

14. Course fee does not include the certification exam fee unless advertised on the specific course page under the “What is included” section. The exam fee is only included if the words “Includes Official Exam Fee” are present under the What is included section for unexpired/available exams. The exam however is not included if it has expired or is no longer available.

15. Course material, once issued, cannot be exchanged.

16. Logitrain is unable to assist in configuring, installing, and troubleshooting applications, operating systems or any programs on participant’s devices. Our trainers assist participants during the training sessions on Logitrain devices. Signing up for our courses confirms you are digitally literate and meet the course prerequisites. For example, you have access to a computing device with Zoom, Microsoft Office applications, and a high-speed internet connection and can navigate across multiple sources of information and websites.

17. Logitrain reserves the right to amend the courses, packages, programs, curriculum, course dates, course timings, trainers, fees, services and terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. The courses or services to be provided are detailed in our confirmation email to you. Due to the nature of our business, courses, packages and programs may change on our website. However, we will only deliver the services we have provided in our confirmation email to you. Logitrain will not be liable under any circumstances for anything more than the course fee paid. Logitrain under no circumstances assumes the responsibility for non-refundable airline tickets, staff salaries, wages or other expenses incurred due to course cancellations, course unable to run, technical issues, delays, dissatisfaction with the course or compensation for time lost etc. The information we provide should not be used or relied upon as the sole determiner for the purposes of your employment or other career or vocational matter. You should consider your own personal situation in addition to the information provided by our services. The information on our website and what we provide is general in nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives or needs. Please consider its appropriateness to you before making any decision. The case studies/testimonials/videos shown are not a prediction of the outcomes you will achieve. Information is subject to change. Logitrain and its related entities make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. We do not claim that we are authorised for the courses on our website. Given the nature of business and the information posted on our website, internet and social media webpages, it is not possible to keep all our accreditations or the vendor certification exam information up to date, nor are we able to constantly update those that have been achieved/not achieved/expired/not renewed or if certification exam has expired. If required, you can email us, and we will provide the list of current/active accreditations at that time.

18. Logitrain reserves the right, if necessary, to cancel, move or reschedule a previously confirmed training course date or a training course currently being delivered for various reasons, including but not exclusively illness, unavailability of the trainer, circumstances beyond our control or other unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, Logitrain will endeavour to inform the participant as soon as practicable. In the event that it is necessary to reschedule the course(s) to another date(s), Logitrain shall inform the participant as soon as possible regarding the new course delivery date(s). The participant may apply for a full refund or training credits which will be valid for six months. Logitrain will have no other/further liability of any type due to changes to the course date other than those set out in this condition, and no other claim for compensation or expenses will be considered. If a refund is being issued, Logitrain must be provided with the relevant account details to process the refund within 15 days, failing which the amount can be redeemed as training credits which must be attended within two months from the date of becoming training credits.

19. It is not possible to make any changes to the courses, programs, packages, delivery location, participants, delivery method or course type, e.g. full-time to part-time, live online training to classroom training after training has commenced.

20. You are required to take responsibility and make good for any damage caused to Logitrain property by you. Any licenses or system access provided by Logitrain ceases at the end of the course, and the licenses or system access must be returned to Logitrain; in case this is not done, full charges of the systems or licenses are payable to Logitrain. You are expected to have access to a computer capable of running Windows 10/11. After joining the training, Logitrain will only liaise with the participant for any communication.

21. The training, exams, internship and any other services purchased at a location must be utilised at that location, and transfer of services within branches is not allowed.

22. If a participant fails to attend the training course for any reason without notice, 100% of the course fee is payable, and the three months exam timeframe will commence from the course completion date.

23. We reserve participant(s) seats in the training course and allocate relevant resources once the payment has been made; therefore, cancellations (only available in some instances), rescheduling and transfers attract additional charges.

24. If a participant wishes to cancel, reschedule or transfer a course, package/program (defined as any booking made for a combination of one or more courses), the participant must notify Logitrain in writing via email to info@logitrain.com.au. The date on which Logitrain receives the written notice will be deemed the date the request has been made. Cancellation, rescheduling and transferring fees are calculated as a percentage of the full fee (not discounted fee) and are dependent on the number of days notice given to Logitrain in writing before the commencement date. Cancellation, rescheduling, and transferring are not allowed if already commenced/joined/attended or requested during our end-of-year closure period for Christmas and New Year.

25. Cancellation requests received less than 20 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee based upon the full fee. Cancellation requests received more than 21 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a 55% cancellation fee based upon the full fee and an additional $450 administration charge.

26. Rescheduling requests received less than 20 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a 75% rescheduling fee based upon the full fee. Rescheduling requests received more than 21 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a 45% rescheduling fee based upon the full fee. Packages and programs rescheduling fee is calculated per course based on the particular full-time course fee regardless of the training commencement date. Rescheduling internship and career counselling session incur a $250 charge. Rescheduling is allowed only once for a maximum of one month.

27. Transfer requests received less than 20 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a 75% transfer fee based upon the full fee. Transfer requests received more than 21 business days of the training commencement date are subject to a  45% transfer fee based upon the full fee. If transferring to a course/program/package with a higher fee, the difference in fee has to be paid. Packages and programs rescheduling fee is calculated based on the given timelines and is based on the particular full-time course fee.

28. You agree that due to programming and course delivery requirements, the covenants in the cancellation, rescheduling and transfer clauses are fair and reasonable. If a course, a course within a package or program, is unable to be delivered for any other reason, Logitrain will deliver the course on the earliest possible alternate dates. The amount retained by Logitrain Pty Ltd is required to cover the cost of staff and resources, which will have already been committed based on the candidate’s initial intention to undertake the training.

29. You agree that you will not, without the written consent of Logitrain, during the period of 12 months after the provision of courses, solicit, interfere with or endeavour to entice away any employee, trainer, or contractor of Logitrain. You acknowledge that any breach by you of this clause would cause irreparable harm and significant damage, and accordingly, Logitrain has the right to seek and obtain immediate injunctive relief about any such breach and/or Logitrain will be entitled to recover the amount of $5,000.00 from you by way of liquidated damages. You acknowledge that the covenants in this clause are fair and reasonable and that Logitrain relies upon this acknowledgement in entering into this agreement.

30. If a participant feels that the course/package/program is not appropriate, they must inform Logitrain in writing by emailing info@logitrain.com.au within two hours of training commencement. We will transfer the participant to an appropriate course/program/package, and any difference in fees must be paid. If the course(s) are changed, all previously issued course material must be paid for. A hard copy or a soft copy of the course material is included in the course fee. Additional course material is available at $89 for some courses. Normally the soft copy course material is not printable and may not include the practise tests, extras etc., which may be included with the hard copy course material.

31. Participant, attendance and course substitution are not accepted.

32. Pass guarantee is applicable on specific full-time courses only if mentioned on the relevant course page. It allows the participant to retake the full-time (weekdays) course. Applicable to full fee-paying students only. In order to avail the pass guarantee (free retake of the course), the participant must not take the official certification exam on the third day of the course, and the participant must score more than 80% in three mock tests and show the mock test result screen for three mock tests to a Logitrain staff member.

33. Logitrain is not liable for the theft, loss or damage to the participant’s property at Logitrain premises or when attending training, mock tests or official certification exams.

34. All courses, courses within packages and programs run subject to minimum registrations as defined by Logitrain’s internal policies. If minimum enrollments are not reached, an alternate course date will be provided.

35. If official certification exam(s) are included, these must be registered and attempted for each individual course/module at the Logitrain test centre within three months of individual course/module completion at the Logitrain test centre where the training was undertaken. You understand and agree the official certification exams are administered/delivered by third party and not Logitrain and we have no control over them, once the exam is booked you will liase with them directly for all matters , after exam booking Logitrain is unable to assist with exam-related matters under any circumstances. The exam can only be booked one week in advance. It is the participant’s responsibility to create their testing ID, register and attempt the exam within three months of course completion. We cannot assist in creating a testing ID. The exam cannot be taken without a testing ID. The three months timeframe is reduced accordingly if the certification exam is retiring/expiring. For live training participants, it can be attempted in the city where the course material was posted or through online proctored method. For online exams you agree to use a personal device as corporate computers adhere to strict group policies enforced by organisations and the exam cannot be taken unless the examination app cannot terminate all the required applications. For in-house training participants, it can be attempted at the Logitrain test centre in the same city; if a Logitrain test centre is not in the same city, then the exam must be taken in the city where the training was delivered or as online proctored. The course completion date is the official completion date and does not change if the class(es) is/are missed. The exam cannot be attempted until fees are paid in full and are valid for 1 attempt only. Logitrain will pay for the exam only once. Exam cost cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or refund and is non-transferable and non-extendable. The exam cannot be combined with other vendor vouchers or discounts. Rescheduling the exam will incur a $200 Logitrain admin charge. The 3 months duration can be extended for 2 more months for some exams only from the original date of expiry by paying half the exam fee. Exam registration is strictly subject to seat availability and confirmed if the proposed date and time are available. Logitrain is not responsible if 3 months duration expires due to seat availability; no adjustments will be made. The candidate must arrive/be available 30 minutes before the exam start time on the day of the exam. Official certification exams are only available on the days and times as given on the official certification exam test page in Logitrain test centres and are subject to the additional terms and conditions, policies and procedures listed at www.logitrain.com.au/examservices.html, https://www.logitrain.com.au/certificationexamform1.html and https://www.logitrain.com.au/peoplecert.html.

36. Remote lab access, if included in the course, is provided on a best-effort, shared basis. We do not assume responsibility as participants can misconfigure the devices and lose connectivity; this may cause the service to remain unavailable.

37. Mock tests, if included in your course, package, or program, are available on weekdays provided on the webpage logitrain.com/mocktest during business hours. Mock test questions and answers are obtained through a third party and are not verified by us; not all questions in the mock test may work. Mock tests are provided as a guide only. Simulations, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blanks, test-lets, and sim-lets may not work in mock tests. Mock tests can be rescheduled or cancelled by informing us before the test and will incur a $50 charge. No show without informing us will incur a $75 charge which must be paid before booking another test. Remote mock tests are included with live online training courses only and are offered on a best-effort basis. In case of technical issues, the remote mock test may not be delivered. Mock tests are only available on the dates and times given on the mock test page and are subject to the additional terms and conditions, policies and procedures listed at www.logitrain.com.au/mocktest.

38. We reserve the right to view, use and record activities undertaken at Logitrain premises. Live virtual online training courses may be recorded for internal evaluation purposes only.

39. All internships and related services are conducted at Logitrain only. Internship with Job Ready Program 2 is complimentary. Internships include performing technical writing, configuring lab manuals, analysing, researching, or working on simulated case studies. Participants work independently and do their research without support from Logitrain to simulate a real-world environment.  Job ready program 3, once commenced, must be completed within a period of one year; if the program continues beyond one year due to taking a break in the program, instalments not paid on time, not being able to pass certification exams, not able to commence internship on time, lack of coordination with the recruitment team, not replying to our emails or not attending the classes as per schedule, the job guarantee3 condition is automatically met or becomes void, and Logitrain will not be held liable. Job Program guarantee-2 includes a written internship letter only; job program 3 includes a written internship letter and phone reference only until the first job is secured; Logitrain will not provide any further references.

40. Lunch/meal is only included in the full-time courses if mentioned in the course registration email (excludes discounted courses, live online training, packages and programs). They are ordered through commercial companies or offered at cafes; Logitrain cannot be held responsible for the quality of food/beverages. We offer sandwiches/rolls for lunch if included. We are unable to cater to special dietary requirements.

41. Due to the benefits included, the price of a course in part-time programs is 1.6 times the price of a standard part-time course.

42. All complaints must be made in writing by emailing info@logitrain.com.au; we are unable to process verbal complaints.

43. The training hours mentioned on the website are a guide; we try to abide by them; however, the training may finish earlier on a given day as the training delivery time is dependent on the number of participants attending, the number of questions asked by the participants, the pace of learning on the day etc. Our courses include mock tests, and these may be done during the training course to help participants to prepare for the exam. In the training course, the last day is reserved for an unsupervised mock test and the official certification exam (if the participant wants to attempt it). The training session may finish earlier on the course days.

44. All communication regarding changes in courses, programs, packages, schedules, and internships must be provided in writing to Logitrain; we have a policy of sending emails of any approved changes for clarity and your convenience. Our staff are not authorised and do not approve changes verbally. Logitrain cannot be held liable by claiming one of our staff members approved the change verbally. If you believe a change has been approved, please request it to be sent in writing in an email from info@logitrain.com.au.

45. By emailing, chatting, filling out any form on our website, or calling us, you agree to receive marketing communication from us. You can choose to stop receiving it by emailing info@logitrain.com.au.

46. All information that Logitrain collects in connection with your purchases or bookings will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Logitrain collects, uses and discloses your personal information for the purpose of enabling you to enrol in a course, package or program and to allow Logitrain to deliver the course and related products and services to you. We use your information to communicate with you about your course, events, activities, products, services and opportunities available to you; disclose your personal information to overseas vendors. Such vendors are those relevant to the course, exams, products or courseware you have requested from Logitrain; carry out and record your details in internal administrative matters; and fulfil any vendor requirements regarding your attendance for certification, planning, administration, policy development, program evaluation and other related or lawful purposes. By signing up for our services or booking exams with us, you consent to allow us to collect your data. We only ask for the data we need.

47. The exam fees, salary information, and the number of available jobs listed on the website are true at the time of publishing; the details provided can change at any time. Logitrain is not and cannot be held liable for the accuracy of these details.

48. By providing your details on our website, you authorise us to provide you with information via email and/or phone.

49. Our working hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Only the training staff is available on weekends and weeknights. All post-course support emails will be responded to within 2 business days of enquiry received.

50. Our service delivery in certain cases is dependent on the services and availability of third parties and suppliers. If the relevant underlying service is not provided to us, we may not be able to deliver the relevant service to you. We will endeavour to work with third parties and suppliers to work out a possible solution as soon as practicable.

51. If you are not feeling well or for any reason related to the outbreak of the virus, in order to protect you, other students, and our staff and in the best interest of the wider community, we will move you to live online training course/s (if required) while keeping the same schedule. We are unable to reschedule, cancel training or issue refunds. We are no longer offering meals in the full-time courses due to the COVID-19 outbreak; this has been done in our client’s best interest. We encourage you to bring your lunch.

52. Due to supply issues with headsets, we are unable to provide headsets for live virtual training. Candidates can use external or built-in speakers and mic on their devices or use earplugs/headphones. Live virtual training is delivered through Zoom and we may be able to use Microsoft Teams. We recommend using a personal device for online training as corporate computers often adhere to strict group policies enforced by organisations and the applications used during training may not work.

53. For our resume writing services, you acknowledge that any information provided to us is based solely on the information supplied by you and that we cannot warrant the accuracy or truthfulness of your response. We are unable to add to your responsibilities as, ultimately, it is your resume. We improve your resume by providing it with a professional appearance and relevance and clearly displaying your compelling information. Job Programs include a complimentary resume and cover letter service.

54. Logitrain Pty Ltd reserves all rights to this site’s content and design. Unless permitted in writing by Logitrain Pty Ltd, you may not reproduce, use or copy any content on this site, including names, logos and any other material licensed to Logitrain Pty Ltd. You may not modify, adapt or create derivative works based on or contained in our services or any associated written material accompanying or produced by us. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble our services or any associated written material accompanying or produced by it.

55. Our blogs and articles are intended to provide general knowledge and awareness and do not serve as a substitute for professional career advice. The views and opinions expressed in the articles belong to the authors and contributors. Logitrain is not liable for the accuracy and authenticity of the content after its publication date. We encourage visitors to do their own research before making a decision.

56. In case of a lockdown, the scheduled training will be moved to live virtual training and will not be rescheduled to a different date. In case of a lockdown, the official certification exams conducted by PearsonVUE will be moved to an online exam (except if not supported by the vendor). The examination process may require application(s) to be installed on the candidate’s device, it is the candidate’s responsibility to meet the requirements of the online exam. All exams conducted by PeopleCert are online proctored and require application(s) to be installed on the candidate’s device. The vendors recommend using a personal device as corporate computers often adhere to strict group policies enforced by organisations and the exam cannot be taken unless the examination app cannot terminate all the required applications.

57. Our Price Beat Guarantee offer was made available on 21 January 2022; the details are available at https://www.logitrain.com.au/current-offers/price-guarantee.html

58. By signing up and attending training (regardless of the booking process/method/including if you request us to book on your behalf), you have read, understood, are accepting the terms and conditions and relevant detail on this webpage, the additional terms and conditions listed at www.logitrain.com.au/mocktest and  www.logitrain.com.au/examservices, site disclaimer at www.logitrain.com.au/about-us/disclaimer.html and our Privacy Policy at www.logitrain.com.au/about-us/privacy-policy.html