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To get a Job you need the following:
Technical Skills and Knowledge

In-Demand Industry Certifications

Career Counselling From Experts

Australian Local Work Experience

Are you a graduate, migrant or looking to change your career?
Our job ready programs will give you skills and knowledge, in-demand certifications, career counselling and local work experience.
We can help you to get a job in

With our certification training courses and Job Ready Programs, we have helped hundreds of job seekers with employment and placement.

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What you gain from our Job Programs

Logitrain is the leading IT certification institute in Australia, with training centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our job-ready programs are the answer to graduates, migrants, and career changers who cannot or are struggling to break into the Australian job market.

Logitrain was solely incorporated into helping people get a job and advancing the careers of already employed professionals by providing them with indispensable skills required by today’s ever-changing and challenging IT job market.

Our Job Ready Programs

  • Equip you with technical skills required by Australian job market
  • Help you get certified with the leading IT certifications from world class vendors
  • Provide you top class career counselling for technical, behavioural and group interviews
  • Give you local Australian job experience which is critical in getting a job
Job Program Overview in Less Than 3 Minutes
Job Program: Success Stories

Our program offers exposure to the Australian workplace environment. There is a simple requirement, and Job ready program applicants can send us a copy of their resume, which is the application document for assessment against eligibility requirements and JRP applicant guidelines. The candidate can specify their nominated occupation and gain the required skills through training. Once the job ready final assessment is complete and the eligibility requirement is met, the candidate can sign up. Some candidates within the program have applied for their provisional skills assessment, and some are looking for a skilled visa. We find for workplace assessment, the professional bodies require 12 month full time paid employment or equivalent part time employment

Our job ready program JRP 3 is completed quicker. However, we suggest a minimum of 12 months is available to the candidate.

The supply of this course/package/program is governed by our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before enrolling, as enrolment is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions. Courses run subject to registrations.


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