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Nov 21

Microsoft Training Courses for Kickstarting Your IT Career

Good understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft systems is an absolute must for anyone who is considering building a career in IT. Millions of companies all over the world use Microsoft systems, programs and software. It goes without saying that any hopes of employment by these companies will be based on your expertise when it comes to using Microsoft systems.

It is for that reason that anyone who plans to kick start their career in IT should make a point of going for Microsoft training Brisbane. One must understand some basic principles and concepts of how Microsoft systems work and that can only be possible if you have gone for training.

Microsoft Training Courses

Microsoft systems and programs cannot be grasped all in one scope. There is no single course that can cover everything you need to know about Microsoft. So once you have made up your mind that you want to acquire some training and knowledge of Microsoft, choosing the right course for you should be your next step.

Assuming that you are at the beginner level, one of the best courses you can go for is Microsoft Office training. Just as the name suggests, this course will equip you with skills and knowledge of using Microsoft programs while in the office.

All the programs and software, which are often used to complete typical office tasks are taught in this course. They include:

  • Microsoft Word Training

This section is mainly dealing with training candidates on how to create Microsoft word documents. Lessons will focus on teaching formatting documents, choosing appropriate text fonts and generally how to create a professional MS Word document.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Making presentations is a normal requirement in many different IT professions. Do you know how to create a relevant and professional PowerPoint presentation? Lessons on MS PowerPoint will help you with that.

  • Microsoft Excel Training

MS Excel is a program that is mainly used to make calculations, create tables and eventually use your calculations and tables or charts to make accurate data analysis. Accurate analysis in turn enables IT professionals to make sound decisions. How to use this software is yet another important lesson you will learn during your Microsoft training Brisbane in MS Office.

Other software and programs you’ll be taught to use through your MS Office course are MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Project, MS SharePoint and MS Visio Professional.

Software Testing Jobs

With thousands of software being developed by different bodies, companies and businesses every day, software-testing jobs are on the rise. It is therefore just as important to get a software testing certification. This certification confirms that the holder has the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure total defect prevention with over 95% defect removal efficiency. To say the least, this certification gives you a real chance to develop your IT career.

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