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Jun 27

Are CompTIA Certifications Worth the Time and Money?

Among IT certifications, CompTIA is a vendor-neutral provider of entry-level certifications such as A+, Network+ and Security+. These certifications are generally for those who are new in the IT field or who students are.

CompTIA certifications being entry-level, do not bound to some specific technology like Cisco, Microsoft, VMware or other vendor-specific certifications. Individuals looking for a start in Information Technology should go for CompTIA certifications.

However, the question that arises is CompTIA certifications are worth it or not?

Many aspiring pros are concerned that entry-level certifications will not help them anywhere. The main complaint is that there are already too many CompTIA certified professionals, decreasing the value of certification. People also showed their concerns that these certifications won’t help them in getting any job or promotion. People are just worried that what they are going to get after spending time and money on something that is for amateurs.

Well, the benefits of CompTIA certification overwhelm the above mentioned minor concerns. This certification not only helps you get detailed information on IT but also adds more versatility to your resume. It gives an edge to the candidate while applying for jobs. Although there are many individuals with CompTIA certifications still a majority of applicants don’t own any kind of certifications. Below we will discuss some benefits of getting certified in CompTIA.

Build a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Skills

CompTIA certifications help candidates in building a firm and solid foundation of essential knowledge and skills that will help them advance their careers. Getting started from a higher level of certification might seem like a timesaver, but most of the time, it actually delays your progress because you do not have the basic and fundamental knowledge. Skipping CompTIA is like leaving algebra and going straight for calculus, it just won’t work.

Get Extra Credit

CompTIA certifications are recognised by various vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, and HP . The same goes for colleges and universities, as many offer college credit to students with CompTIA certification. In other words, doing this Certification will help you out in your future studies.

Get Better Career Opportunities

After completing your certification in CompTIA, you can apply for a promotion or salary raise, as you are no more an amateur in the IT field. Many IT firms have made it necessary for their employees to be CompTIA certified, or they only hire certified candidates. According to different surveys, it was concluded that certified candidates have better chances of being selected as compared to individuals without CompTIA certifications.

Build Credibility and Confidence

Apart from other advantages and benefits of CompTIA certifications, individuals can build their own credibility and confidence. Always remember that when a person has deep knowledge of things, the confidence level is automatically increased. Besides, whenever talking in a gathering, an individual’s views and theories will be taken seriously as they would know that the speaker is CompTIA certified professional.


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