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Logitrain Reviews and Feedback

Internet is a strange place, anyone can say anything about any person or organisation without proof. Then there are organisations like Logitrain, we are blessed our clients love us for the work we do. In Logitrain Reviews below, you will find emotion and recommendation for an organisation which believes in making a difference by providing high quality training. Don’t believe videos, want to look elsewhere.

Check out Melbourne Logitrain reviews on Google and we are proud to have over 250 Logitrain Reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5, you may find the odd one or two posted by our competitors but we don’t mind.

Our suggestion, “Learning is a serious business, research a training provider wisely!”


Very smart trainers

- Peter -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
Nice lab and class training has been interesting and comfortable.
- Jan Waseem -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
Content adequately covered by professional trainers with exceptional experience. Highly recommended.
- Tyng Hong -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
Great trainers provide easy to understand training and give the confidence to pass the exams.
- Gina James -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
The trainer was excellent in explaining difficult terminology by comparing with day-to-day examples.
- Naren -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
Got what I expected, happy with the money I spent, good understanding of topics.
- Jatinder Taneja -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
The trainer has excellent knowledge, personality and style of teaching. It was very easy to absorb the information.
- Ida -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
Great teaching and value added to my knowledge in software testing. Participation is encouraged and I enjoyed the interactive class with the trainer.
- Chea Ean -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -
The courses are informative and well designed. The trainers are professional and knowledgeable about the topic. The trainer is supportive of the students.
- Michael Carreon -
- - 4.8/5 Rating -