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Agile Training Courses

Agile Training Courses

Overview: This document will share high level information about Agile Training courses and in depth detail about Agile Foundation and Agile BA courses.

Before we delve into the details of agile training courses, let’s understand what Agile is.

What is Agile?

Agile means quick, flexible and lean.

From early 2000, businesses started moving towards agile approach. But key is not only to follow & implement agile approach but to understand it and then implement which otherwise would result in failed implementations.

As per British computer society, if the concepts are not understood clearly & if the teams are using it effectively, organizations will lose more time & effort and the outcome would not be the desired results.

Agile Courses & Certifications

There are different types of Agile courses under different categories & please find below few of them:

Project Management:

– Agile PM (Foundation & Practitioner)

– Certified Professional in Agile PM

Business Analysis:

– Certified Agile Business Analyst Professional (CABAP)

– Agile BA

– Agile BA (Scrum)

We will look in detail about Agile Foundation certification & Agile BA.

Agile Foundation Certification – Concepts

It helps you in understanding the basic concepts involved in the whole project. It will give you a clear picture about the difference between the waterfall (traditional) approach and the agile models of software development lifecycle. In certain scenarios (long term projects with standard/less frequent changes), traditional software cycle is more beneficial for a project and for other projects the agile methodology would be more suited. The foundation certificate gives the required knowledge to evaluate scenarios and accordingly opt for a suitable approach that might suit the organization.

Advantages of Agile Foundation Certification

Certified individuals and professionals can analyze and understand the scenarios better, which helps them to deliver better and which suits the business needs and thus resulting in increased project success rates. As more & more companies are moving towards agile methodologies in IT sector, the need to have a skilled individual in this area has increased. Being certified is an indication that the specific individual has got knowledge about the process and methodologies used in an agile environment.

Agile Business Analyst course and certification

Agile BA training course will help individuals to:

Apply the fundamentals, principles & processes of Agile BA in a project situation

Understand agile approach to manage and prioritize requirements

Evaluate and apply appropriate agile techniques in project scenarios.

Gain knowledge about the roles and responsibilities involved.

Understand benefits delivery in an agile project

Who can benefit from this?

-Individuals looking out for new job opportunities.

-Project/Team/Scrum Leads who want to work on an agile technology

-Agile team members who can understand the concepts clearly and perform better.

Increased Job opportunities

With the agile foundation certification, there are many job opportunities one can look out for:

-Agile Team member

-Agile/Scrum Team Lead

-Business Analyst

-Technical expert or subject matter expert (SME)

-Software developers

Overall Agile Foundation certification is an important skillset for IT professionals, as more and more organizations are embracing agile methodology.

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