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Oct 19
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Importance of certifications and degrees in Australia

First, let’s understand what is the difference between Certifications and Degrees? Both are very different and cannot be used in the same sense. Certification is something that we take up for a short duration of time and for a special skill. Degrees are usually something which has a longer duration time and covers topics in depth.

Most of the time students who have completed their high school and want to get an academic degree would opt for a degree. People who already have a degree or people who want some practical experience in a particular field or area rather than the overall area of the subject usually opt for certifications. Also, people who are time constrained will definitely go for a certification rather than a degree.

If you are already working in an environment and want to switch careers, there is always an option to pursue a degree. But most of them know that taking up a certificate course will serve the same purpose and in shorter span of time.

While considering the importance of both certificates and degree, it basically depends on the type of job you are looking for. If you are looking for a beauty career or a technical job like plumbing or electrician; a certification course would be sufficient to help you in getting a job. But for people who are working in a more professional environment like Banking or IT or Accounting, a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree is expected out of you.

Apart from having a degree, many organisations give preference to individuals who have specialized knowledge on a specific area. For e.g. a subject matter expertise is someone who is expected to know all the technicalities about a particular subject and hence people with certifications are preferred for such roles. Many believe that certifications gives them that extra knowledge in a few months that is sufficient for boosting your career as they are more specific and career oriented. The skills required for a real time work place can be attained through gaining the certifications and hence it is believed to be a better option.

As most of the syllabus in degrees that are covered are theoretical and students would still find it difficult to cope in a working environment though they have the required knowledge. Comparatively, certifications give you a number of options and you can gain the required skills required for a particular job by taking up all the certifications. One can gain the in-depth knowledge with experience.

With many certifications being globally recognized and are more specific to a job role, companies prefer individuals with certifications rather than just having a degree.  Also, when the certificates make you job ready and provide you the necessary skills, more people prefer to take up certifications.

Even people who have graduated after completing a degree prefer to take up some certifications which are more specific to the field of work they prefer. For e.g. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering; but that would not be sufficient for me to get into a Business Analyst role. I would need to do some specialized certifications in Business Analysis field if I would like to become one.

There are also cases where based on changing technologies you need to keep up grading your skills. You cannot possibly take up a degree every time and the best option is to take up certifications in the relevant field. It also helps you in gaining that required confidence to make you job ready.

With more emphasis on gaining knowledge in a particular specialized area and with the fact that it can be completed faster compared to a degree, certification is the most preferred choice.

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