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Aug 23

Benefits of VLAN

VLAN stands for Virtual Lan. VLAN helps to break down network into different broadcast domain in a single physical location thus reducing the need of create separate LANs for network isolation which reduces the extra cost associated with required LAN devices. There are several other benefits of VLANs such as follows,

  • VLANs can help keep network applications separate despite of being connected to the same physical network and limits the multiple sets of cabling and network devices required.
  • VLANs allow network administrators to group computers together even if they are not directly connected to the same network switch.
  • As VLAN membership can be configured using software, this can help simplify network design and deployment.
  • VLANs allow networks and devices that should be kept separate, to share same physical cabling without interacting with each other, thus making network simple, secure and economic.
  • Also, aides traffic management. For example, a VLAN can be used to separate traffic within a business for specific users and network administrators, or between types of traffic so that users or low priority traffic cannot directly affect the rest of the network’s functionality.
  • VLANs are also useful for internet hosting services to separate their customer’s private zones from each other, which allows each customer’s servers to be grouped together in a single network segment despite being in different physical location within their datacentre. Some precautions might be required to prevent traffic escaping from a given VLAN, a condition also known as VLAN hopping.
  • VLANs help network architects to obtain network segmentation. Routers between VLANs filters broadcast traffic, perform address summarization, enhance network security and mitigate network congestion.
  • VLANs help manage broadcast traffic by breaking down network into multiple broadcast domains which reduces the amount of broadcast traffic each network device and network segment handles. It also reduces CPU overhead on each device by reducing number of devices that receive broadcast frame.
  • VLANs can also be used to create multiple layer 3 networks on a single physical infrastructure. Without VLAN, users are assigned to networks based on geographic location and are limited by physical topology and distances whereas with VLANs you can logically group users by department, or by groups that work together, instead of their physical location.
  • With VLANs, network administrator can control traffic patterns and react quickly to user or equipment relocation. Thus, providing flexibility to adapt to changes in network and simplified administration.
  • VLANs can be used to partition a local network into several distinctive segments, such as production, voice over IP, network management, storage area network (SAN), guest internet access, demilitarized zone.
  • VLANs helps reducing security risks by reducing number of hosts that receives copies of frames that the switch flood. Also, improves security of hosts that send data by keeping those hosts on a separate VLAN.

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