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Mar 29
Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips

Technological progress and the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have made Skype interviews very popular these days.

Skype interview is better than telephone interview due to video interaction and companies are increasingly using it now. The Skype interview is also used due to its ease and global availability. Visual contact can be an advantage for applicants, but it can also be a disadvantage. It depends on how you prepare for it and how you ultimately present yourself during the interview. Logitrain gives tips for the Skype interview.

Reasons for a Skype interview

A Skype interview is great in the personnel selection process. It saves the applicant travel time and the company the expenses related to holding the interview. A company often arranges a telephone or Skype interview to find out whether an applicant should be considered in the further job selection process. Another reason may be that a candidate cannot appear for an interview for personal or scheduling reasons, e.g. if you are on vacation at the time, studying abroad, having a broken leg or looking after your children etc.

In the Skype interview, the HR manager would like to find out whether the candidate is not only technically suitable for the job but also has the necessary skills, and knowledge and fits into the team and the company in terms of type and personality. The applicant can ask his questions. Only when both sides are satisfied with the results of the interview does it make sense to consider the candidate in the selection process further.

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Preparation for the Skype interview

Basically, a Skype interview is structured similar to a face-to-face job interview. First, the HR manager introduces themself and describes the process and the goal of the interview. As an applicant, you should, in any case, be prepared to provide a brief presentation about yourself. In addition, you should take a detailed look at the job advertisement, the job role and the company. It is essential to be aware of what the advertised position is about and what you can expect from a role in the company to be able to answer the questions of the personnel manager adequately.

In terms of content, you have to prepare for a Skype interview similar to a telephone interview or a classic face-to-face job interview. For this purpose, it is helpful to take a close look at tips on applications, starting salaries, etc. from the respective industry:

There are also some special features in a Skype interview. For example, a Skype interview – unlike a telephone interview – does not have to be a surprise call. The appointment is usually made in advance by email or phone. Even if a Skype interview usually only lasts for about 30 minutes, you should still plan for at least an hour.

Even experienced recruiters are not immune to being influenced when they make a judgment about the applicant. It is not just a question of whether someone looks good or personable, but how the applicant presents himself. In particular, for jobs with managerial tasks or with positions with external impact, appearance is an important feature when evaluating a candidate for the first time. You also have to be aware of this in a Skype interview.

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Tips for the Skype interview.

It is important not only to make a pleasant and competent impression but also to approach the job interview professionally. We have given ten tips for the preparation for the Skype interview:

  1. Choose a reputable Skype name (e.g. first name, last name) and a reasonable Skype picture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “stuffy” application picture, but it shouldn’t be a party picture, holiday picture or a picture that shows you with other people. If you set up your own account for job interviews, you do not run the risk of being contacted and distracted by other friends via Skype.
  2. Make sure that the technology (internet connection, image, sound) works properly by doing a test run with a friend. Small, inconspicuous head highs are ok as long as you can prevent the sound from feeding back.
  3. Select a suitable location, e.g. your desk. It is essential that it is a quiet place where the roommate, the partner or the cat do not run around through the picture in the background.
  4. Speaking of background. It should look neat there, neither sterile nor messy. You shouldn’t necessarily be able to see the bed, laundry basket, or movie posters. Plants and a bookshelf achieve a significantly better effect.
  5. The light from both natural and artificial light sources is important. Make sure that the light does not come from behind too much and that you are not illuminated so that you look pale.
  6. Keep a distance of about one meter from the camera. If you slide too close to the camera, it seems disadvantageous.
  7. During the Skype interview, not only is the conversation partner shown on the screen, but you can also see a small picture of how the HR manager sees you. Here you should take a look every now and then to see if you have a good posture but never look at yourself permanently. If necessary, turn off the small picture if it should distract you too much.
  8. Switch off the cell phone and eliminate other possible noise as much as possible. It also counts to close the window if you can expect noise from outside (road traffic, playground, etc.).
  9. Dress appropriately. The outfit can vary according to job, position and company, but with a solid colour, long-sleeved shirt or blouse and plain trousers, you are almost always on the safe side.
  10. Pay attention to your body language. The HR employee can observe gestures, facial expressions and posture during a Skype interview. Have good body language instead of lounging in the desk chair. Don’t forget to smile.


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