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Feb 16
Why do CCNA certification

Why do CCNA Certification and CCNA benefits

CCNA is one of Cisco’s most famous IT networking certification for a long time. Cisco courses have been dominating the IT industry since the ’90s. It is an entry-level/foundational certification for those who want to start an IT career.

The Cisco certification keeps updating and changing with the latest advancements in Information Technology; over the years, the CCNA certification has been updated more than eight times with the exam numbers. Organisations that use Cisco technologies and Cisco networking products regularly need CCNA certified professionals.  There are several reasons for doing the CCNA certification training course; this article will highlight the significant benefits of doing this certification.

  1. Acquiring the CCNA certification upgrades the professional’s demand in the IT market as most of the employers believe that CCNA certified professionals bring extra value to their business.
  2. It increases the chances to kick start an IT career quickly.
  3. Cisco certified professionals usually get paid more compared to non-certified professionals. According to industry research, the Cisco Certified Network Associate certified professionals start higher salaries.
  4. Holding the CCNA certification from Cisco Networking Courses means Cisco verifies that the candidate has the required skills to operate Cisco products and technologies.
  5. Possessing Cisco in-demand skills boosts candidate’s performance and confidence.
  6. CCNA certification is a pathway for improving marketability as this certification training course is globally accepted. By having this certification, one can start an IT career anywhere.
  7. For fresh graduates, mentioning CCNA certification on their resume and cover letter can make a considerable difference and help get information technology. It is considered the best path of career advancement for beginners.
  8. Following the Cisco Certification track, the CCNA certification leads to higher-level certifications that help upgrade skills and knowledge with the latest technology advancements.

There is no doubt that CCNA certification is worth it for the candidates and the employers.

To start a promising IT career, acquiring this certification is truly helpful. It will enrich the candidate’s knowledge regarding IT networks.


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