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Feb 15
Basic Computer Courses

IT courses for beginners and basic IT courses

IT industry is by far one of the fastest-growing industries. It allows millions of graduates to start their careers every year and grow over time. Nearly all businesses are computer-based these days and user computers, networks, applications, software in one way or the other. Therefore, technical skills are increasingly valuable in the current IT job market. To gain these skills, one should go through various IT certification training courses. For recent graduates, migrants and career changers selecting IT courses is difficult, as various IT courses are available ane choosing the right one is sometimes tricky. These basic IT training certification courses can help graduates improve their resume and learn tech and IT skills. 

This article will go through the various IT courses available for beginners depending on their IT area of choice; these courses will help them learn the basic skills required to take the first step in this vibrant industry.

Cisco Courses

Cisco courses provide knowledge about designing, configuring and installing LANs and WANs through its career certifications, the most common being Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)certifications training courses.

Getting these certifications helps demonstrate that a professional can work according to the Cisco networking solutions. Many other Cisco training courses are available for IT professionals, helping them gain more knowledge and professionalism. 

Logitrain’s Cisco Certification Courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and live virtual training is for those looking to start their career as an IT professional in networking. 

Microsoft courses 

Microsoft offers various basic IT certification training courses for graduates, e.g. Microsoft Role-Based certifications and MTA certifications. These courses help graduates to gain knowledge regarding networking, servers, desktops, programming, database administration, cloud technologies, Office 365, Windows and software development and more. 

MTA Server Fundamental and MTA Windows OS are the best introductory IT courses for graduates. MTA Windows Server Fundamental training course help graduates to gain information regarding server installation and server roles. This certification is the basic certification offered by Microsoft, which acts as a stepping stone for those aiming to get higher certifications. Further, suppose any graduate wants to learn about operating system configuration, installing and upgrading client operating systems, and managing applications and devices. In that case, the MTA Windows Operating System is the best choice. 

Lastly, various other Microsoft Office courses are available, which include Excel introduction, Outlook introduction, Project introduction, Word introduction and many more. Logitrain provides training for these courses

to help graduates gain expertise and land their careers in IT. 

CompTIA courses

CompTIA certifications include CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+,

CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and many more. Suppose you want to start a career in IT. In that case, CompTIA IT Fundamentals is the entry-level certification that can help to build foundational knowledge and pursue other certifications, e.g., CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Network+. 

CompTIA A+ certification training course helps graduates to gain skills regarding network troubleshooting, printer and network hardware, system components and Operating systems. 

CompTIA CySA+ certification help to gain knowledge about preventing cybersecurity attacks. 

If you want to gain knowledge about installing, operating and configuring network infrastructure, CompTIA Network+ certification is the best choice. 

CompTIA Security+ certification is a great choice to achieve knowledge about security issues of the network and how to resolve them. 

Palo Alto certifications

Palo Alto certifications training courses include PCCSA, PCNSA and

PCNSE. These courses help graduates gain expertise in the field of cybersecurity. In these times, securing your network from cybersecurity attacks is a huge issue, so cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. The primary purpose of these Palo Alto training courses is to teach graduates how to secure the internet and demonstrate the required skills. These courses widen the knowledge of network-based cyberattacks and how to prevent them. 

How to start a career in IT 

If you need help selecting any basic IT course, Logitrain is there to help. Our experts are keen to help graduates, migrant and career changers to find the right path for their career development. Our various certification training courses are a platform to enhance your skills and knowledge. Through our training courses, career counselling, and job program at Logitrain, many candidates have started their IT careers. 

Our Microsoft Office courses include Microsoft Office suite training, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft BI. 

Our Job guarantee programs help candidates gain professional skills and find the right job for them. To know about Logitrain’s other IT courses and services, please call us on 1800 159 151.

The supply of this course/package/program is governed by our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before enrolling, as enrolment is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions. Proposed dates are given, courses run subject to availability and minimum registrations.


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