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Feb 22
AWS Courses

Top Amazon AWS Courses

Are you considering getting AWS certified? Well, that’s great!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications are the most demanding certifications in IT for the third year in a row. Cloud computing skills are in huge demand, and attending the right AWS course would help you kickstart your career in cloud computing. Getting AWS certified shows that you have some of the most in-demand (and profitable) skills validated by one of the most recognizable entities in cloud computing.


But where do you begin? 

Amazon offers several AWS certifications and AWS Courses which enhances your skills, validate your knowledge and serve as a significant step in your career. These training courses and certifications prove your expertise and dedication and ensure that your industry knowledge is not outdated.


1. AWS Technical Essentials is an introductory course, and anyone with basic computer knowledge can undertake it. The course covers AWS platform concepts, AWS security measures and AWS identity and access management. It enables individuals to make informed IT solutions decisions based on business requirements.


2. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is at the first level of AWS certifications and is the sole credential at the company’s Foundational level. It acts as a starting point for beginners who want a better understanding of the AWS cloud, independent of technical roles.


3. AWS Business Essentials introduces the fundamentals of AWS, compliance, and security concepts. It also explores the advantages of cloud strategy in businesses’ financial aspects. It aims to articulate the financial impact of AWS cloud on cost management while minimizing the risks associated with consumption-based pricing models.


4. AWS Security Essentials covers the AWS cloud security concepts, including AWS access control, data encryption methods, and AWS shared security model. This course is intended for candidates with basic knowledge of AWS interested in cloud security practices.


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