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Jan 25
CompTIA Network+ Frequently Asked Questions

CompTIA Network+ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I do CompTIA Network+ certification?

The CompTIA Network+ certification improves your understanding and knowledge of Network Technologies, Network Media and Topologies, Network Devices, Network Management, Network Tools, and Network Security.


  1. Which is better, CompTIA Network+ or CCNA?

Both certifications have their benefits.

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification that allows participants to learn a broad range of networking skills. CCNA certification, on the other hand, delivers knowledge related to the tools and products of Cisco Systems.


  1. Is it worth getting CompTIA Network+ certification? 

CompTIA Network+ certification is valuable because it offers a fundamental understanding of the network, is highly respected and is often asked by employers. CompTIA Network+ certification is recognised all over the globe.


  1. How important is CompTIA Network+ certification?

CompTIA Network+ IT certification validates a candidate has the required networking knowledge and expertise to build a career in networking.


  1. What is the purpose of the CompTIA Network+ exam?

CompTIA Network+ certification helps you to gain knowledge regarding network infrastructure, networking technology, basic principles of design, cable specifications and the use of networking testing equipment.


  1. What is a pre-requisite for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam?

CompTIA Network+ certification training requires basic computer understanding.


  1. Does CompTIA Network+ certification mean anything?

CompTIA Network+ certification is a professional-level certification course that covers various IT infrastructures, including managing, configuring and troubleshooting networks. This certification provides an understanding of network topologies, different network devices, how to manage network devices, covers different networking tools and security management of the network.


  1. Is CompTIA Network+ hard?

CompTIA Network+ Certification is not easy. It requires candidates to spend time learning the main aspects of CompTIA Network+ and understand all topics properly and practice.


  1. What does CompTIA Network+ certification include?

CompTIA Network+ certification course covers network configuration, network installation and managing the network. It also includes network security.


  1. Can I take the CompTIA Network+ exam without a degree or experience?

CompTIA Network+ certification is a foundational level certificate. You can build a career path in networking using CompTIA Network+ certification. It is recommended that a candidate should have at least 9 to 12-month work experience in an IT network.


  1. How does CompTIA Network+ certification help to build a future in the IT field?

CompTIA Network+ certification shows your expertise and networking skills, security concepts, key cloud computing practices and service models, virtualisation techniques and network resilience. This certification maximises your technical skills and helps to achieve your career goals.


  1. What jobs will be needed in the future?

According to future job openings for new entrants by industry and occupation report, “Network professionals are projected to increase up to 63000 employments available within the next five years”. CompTIA Network+ certification provides an opportunity to achieve your career path in the ICT industry.


  1. What is the salary range of a CompTIA Network+ certified professional in Australia?

CompTIA Network+ certified professionals can earn high salaries in Australia. However, salary relies on a particular area in Australia and a person’s work experience in this industry.


  1. Is CompTIA Network+ respected?

The CompTIA Network+ certificate is internationally recognised. This certification does not require any IT degree.


  1. Do you deliver CompTIA Network+ training in my region?

Yes, Logitrain delivers CompTIA Network+ training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, New Zealand, and online.


  1. Are the trainers of CompTIA Network+ experts in networking?

Yes, we have expert trainers for CompTIA Network+, and we have been delivering this training for years.


  1. How long is CompTIA Network+ certification valid? 

This certificate is active for up to three years from the date of passing the test. After that, you need to renew the CompTIA Network+ certification.


  1. How can you recertify your CompTIA Network+ certification?

To renew your CompTIA Network+ certification, you can participate in different events and training programs or earn high-level CompTIA certification or pass the CompTIA Network+ exam again.


  1. Does the CompTIA Network+ course include exam fees and resources for the exam?

Yes, Logitrain’s CompTIA Network+ training course includes exam material, books, instructor-led training and certification exam fee.


  1. Who will take the CompTIA Network+ exam and provide certification?

You can take the CompTIA Network+ certification at an authorised Pearson VUE testing centre.


  1. How will long CompTIA Network+ exam take?

This CompTIA Network+ exam is 90 minutes long. You may be eligible for extra time if English is not your first language.


  1. After finishing my CompTIA Network+ training course, how long do I have time to take an exam in preparation?

After completing a training course, you have 3 months time frame to prepare and attempt the exam at our testing centre.


  1. How much does the CompTIA Network+ exam cost?

At the time of writing this FAQ, the CompTIA Network+ exam costs AUD 500.


  1. How much does CompTIA Network+ training cost? 

Depending on the course delivery method and training facility, the course price varies. For the latest price and schedule, please visit https://www.logitrain.com.au/courses/comptia/networkplus.html


  1. What are the job opportunities after CompTIA Network+ certification? 

CompTIA Network+ certification can help to kick-start a career in networking.


  1. What is the CompTIA Network+ exam code?  

The CompTIA exams are updated regularly. Logitrain delivers the latest CompTIA courses. Please visit the CompTIA website for the latest exam number/code.


  1. How many questions are included in the CompTIA Networl+ certification exam?

CompTIA Network+ exam questions vary; there are approximately 90 questions in the exam. These can change at any time.


  1. What is the passing score for the CompTIA Network+ exam?

The passing score for CompTIA Network+ varies; it is approximately 720 (on a scale of 100-900).


  1. How many languages are available for CompTIA Network+ exam delivery? 

CompTIA Network+ exam is available in English, German and Japanese.


  1. What type of questions are asked in CompTIA Network+ certification?

CompTIA Network+ certification exam has different types of multiple-choice questions, performance-based questions, and drag and drops type questions.


  1. How many times can you take the CompTIA Network+ exam?

CompTIA does not require a waiting period on the first and second attempts for the CompTIA Network + exam. However, prior to your third attempt, you need to wait at least fourteen days from the date of your last examination attempt.


If you are looking to join the CompTIA Network+ training course, contact Logitrain on 1800 159 151 for high-quality cost-effective training.


If your question is not answered, please contact us, and we will assist.

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