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Feb 08
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Troubleshooting internet connectivity issues

Knowing the basic steps of troubleshooting internet connectivity issues can save a lot of time. Especially, when most of your work is dependent on internet connection and you cannot wait till the service provider arrives and fixes the issue. There might be very small problems to major issues. So first, if we analyze few of them, we can get a grasp of it. You always have an option to call up the service provider and raise a ticket for them to solve, but it might take time for them to respond to an issue and wasting so much of valuable time is not advisable, if the problem is very simple and can be solved by us easily. Here are few things that we can check to find out what exactly is the issue:

  1. Of course, the first step is to ensure that the connections are plugged in properly and that there is no fault with the power socket.
  2. You can try to ping your website by going to command prompt and typing ping google.com or any other websites. Check more than one website to ascertain the type of response you get from that. Most of the time it shows there is 0% loss, which means there is no issue and the response time would also be faster if there are no issues. When there are issues, there might be some loss or the response time might take longer. This indicates some network problem either with service provider or with the router. In some cases, the server of the website might also be having issues. So, always come to conclusions based on response time from more than one website.
  3. Do double check by opening more than one website to ensure that the website itself is not down. If the website is actually down you just need to wait and refresh as nothing else can be done from your side.
  4. There might also be problems with your device. Do check the internet connection with more than one device to ensure that the problem is with the internet and not with the device.
  5. Check the lights on the modem and router. In many cases, both would be combined. If all the lights are green and steady, there are no issues. If it shows any other light apart from green, do restart the device. Unplug and plug in back. Wait for few minutes before you try to reconnect to the internet.
  6. Even if all the lights on the modem are working fine and you are unable to access the websites, it is always better to give the device a restart. It might solve the problem.
  7. Lastly, do check if the internet connectivity issue is due to the wifi connection. Try connecting your device directly through a cable and check for the internet services. If it works fine, the issue is with wifi and not exactly the internet.

Above are few steps that can be done from home and save your time, in case of small issues which can be solved by re-start for e.g. For most of the other issues, nothing can be done from our side, as the issue would be with service provider or from the website.

After identifying, what kind of issue it is and if you are unable to solve it by yourself, it is better to raise a complaint with the service provider and give them some time to solve the issue, while you find some alternative for your internet usages. As a good practice, do have backups for your documents or any other important files which might get corrupted as we never know when a fault occurs.


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