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Feb 15
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Types of jobs in business analysis

Business analysis is a wide area of knowledge and apart from IT sector many other industries also use business analysis as it is bridging the gap between the end users and the team who develops. Initially, even the IT sector did not recognise the value of a business analyst and more often this role was performed by other individuals with different roles. It is only since last decade that the business analyst role has been recognised as an important one. There are many kinds of jobs or role that a business analyst plays as per the requirement of the organisation. We consider few of them based on the views of different recruiters.

Software / IT: A business analyst role is most commonly used in IT sector. There is a huge amount of information available and as the market competition keeps changing, the need of a business analyst is felt more in this sector. The requirements keep changing and the business needs to keep up the pace. The IT team needs a person who manages the clients and understands their business perspectives and needs, while they can concentrate on the design, development and delivery of the items.

In the IT sector itself we have different roles that a Business Analyst plays. He can be a data analyst or a system analyst and the role played by the business analyst also differs as experience increases. At a junior level, the main role played by a business analyst would be to gather the requirements from the clients using the appropriate tools and techniques and documenting them for sign off from the client. As the experience grows his role would involve in getting a sign off from the user after the user acceptance testing, providing training to new users about the new features that have been added and maintaining a healthy relationship with the client.

When the experience level increases again, as a senior business analyst, you would be required to do risk analysis, cost benefit analysis, benefits realization and other techniques to assist in project management. You are expected to be a part of all client meetings and provide useful insights for improvement or offer alternative solutions which add value to the business and helps in cost reduction.

There are other sectors where a business analyst can be useful. They are known as functional analysts who analyze the overall feasibility of solutions considering the processes and provide useful suggestions for improvement.

They can also work as consultants, as third party to the organisation and do the role as required by the organisation in their field of expertise. It is generally not considered as a cost effective option for the organisation and also since the consultant is unaware of the business as well as the internal policies; it usually takes more time than having an internal analyst. These consultants are used in cases where their high level of experience and expertise will help the organisation to make a drastic change and where risk cannot be taken.

Once the business analyst has gained a lot of experience, they can also have a career in the academic field where they can act as tutors in training institutes and colleges and help other budding students to gain knowledge from their exposure. They can work in multiple institutes, act as an online tutor and also share blogs with everyone for which they get paid.

So, this is an interesting field with lot of options for a career and here we have mentioned few of these which were the most common among them. More sectors are realizing the importance of having a business analyst in their team and are open to have them as a part for the organisation for its benefits and success.


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