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Sep 04
Start an IT Career without a degree

Do you want to start a career in IT without a degree?

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your career in Information Technology and not sure how and where to start?

Well, the first good news is that you do not need a technical degree to commence your career in IT.

Technological advancements in the IT sector is rapidly increasing these days across all sectors, livelihood for everyone is much dependent on the IT industry directly or indirectly. One way or another, we all are linked to IT for completing our daily tasks or routine effectively. It is great that many people do realise the importance of IT and turn their career towards it. Let’s see, how can you begin a career inIT without a degree or relevant experience. 


Many experienced people in IT who do not have a degree, recommend conducting research, collecting data as much as possible to make your vision clearer towards your goal. It is important for candidates who look for a job in IT to collect the required data. The IT industry is very dynamic with tools and strategies; keeping yourself updated is vital. Document all the findings for reference and future purpose. 

Start Learning

Since there is no prior technical knowledge, you must start learning the required materials from your field of study. If you are looking to get into programming, learn at least two programming languages, not in too advanced manner but as in a way you make a productive outcome with your knowledge. Select the software or programming language which is required for your field of interest. Join training institutes to enhance your IT fundamentals knowledge and convert that into a skill which produces productive outcomes. Familiarise yourself with the jargons in your field. 


Contribute your skills to get some hands-on experience, since you are new to the field with no degree and experience; you must put your efforts to get an opportunity in the competitive market. To get an opportunity, you must be able to prove your skills, for example, if you are a programmer, contribute your skills to an open-source project. Participate in an online contest, get peer review from experienced professionals. Maximise your efforts to have proof of your skills.

IT Certifications 

IT certifications are essential for a fresh graduate if you join training institutes and get certified by international vendors like Microsoft, Cisco and other related vendors. Recruiters are attracted to certifications than their past relevant degree. IT certification courses play a significant role for a candidate who does not have a degree or work experience. 


Connecting with industry professionals help you to get an idea about the workplace, and you will be able to learn new things from their experience. Attend networking events to make connections, use social media platforms like meetups to get introduced to new people who share the same interest. Networking is critical for any fresher who is looking for an opportunity, making connections and getting referred by a professional who looks at the value in you.


Be proactive and keep trying to get an internship or job offer to showcase your skills. Keep your options open and look for any opportunity. Continuous professional development is a critical element which you should follow lifelong; yes, lifelong learning must be present in the IT industry to cope with the technological advancements. Thrive to learn at all times. Put your best to find your dream job. 

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