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Sep 05
how to get a tech job with no IT experience

Looking to get a tech job with no experience and don’t know where to start?

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The Information Technology industry is moving at a fast pace with new technological advancements nearly every day. It can be hard to find a tech job now with a high level of skills expectations from the job seeker in the job market. You must possess the skills more than the organisation’s expectation to get selected for a job; unfortunately, just with ordinary skills, it will be hard to find a tech job.

Good news, guess what? You do not necessarily need an IT degree to get into the tech field; however, you do need to have sufficient knowledge in your chosen field and must know “how to showcase your skills”. If you are amongst the candidates looking for a tech job with no experience, then read on. 

We suggest you follow these simple tips to upskill your ability and prepare to get a tech job in these unprecedented times. 

1. Do IT Certifications

All graduates with or without a degree need to have a certificate in your chosen field. Companies nowadays may not expect you to have a college degree, but want you to have adequate knowledge in your area of interest, as a proof you can pursue IT certifications. This shows how dedicated and interested you are towards the job. Take online classes or face-to-face classes, based on your convenience, by signing up for certifications courses you can enrich your skills and knowledge in your area of interest. 

For example; if you are a programmer, try to learn at least two languages and get certified. 

2. Tasks related to Tech

Utilise the power of online resources to showcase your skills to gain some hands-on experience. Participate in online boot camp programs to get some real programming skills. Contribute to open-source projects and try to get possible hand-on experience to demonstrate your skills in future to your recruiter. Try to get internship opportunities; it will introduce you to the workforce and learn from there as much as you can. 

3. Portfolio

Irrelevant to the field or experience, it is always better to have your portfolio in the IT sector. Showcase your projects and relevant works in your portfolio. Keep your portfolio professional with all the necessary information provided. Link your portfolio to LinkedIn, so that recruiters can find your portfolio. 

4. Transferable skills

You may have some other job experience in a different field, identify the skills which are transferable and link it to your tech job role. 

Do a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis on yourself to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

It is important for candidates with no experience to prove that they have qualities other than technical knowledge; this will help through the recruitment process. 

5. Networking

Try to engage whenever possible, and build connections in and around you. Meet people who share the same interest and get introduced to professionals who have industry experience and ask for their assistance to meet the real-world challenges. Attend professional events; industry-leading professionals will share their career path and experiences throughout their journey; these might help you to make decisions at times.

Final note 

It is not as hard to get a tech job with experience as you may think it is, if you put in the effort to make continuous development and progress, you will achieve what you desire. If you have some questions about these IT careers, read on.

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