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Dec 28
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Importance and benefits of Office 365

Moving to Office 365 is very beneficial and there are few reasons which can encourage you to upgrade to Office 365 if you have not yet done it:

  • Works well with other tools: Most of the organisations’ work thrives on Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Office 365 collaborates easily with all of these tools. The familiarity with the Microsoft tools makes it even easier for people to change to Office 365. It easily increases the functions that can be performed y the existing tools. For e.g. you can broadcast the Powerpoint presentations and also perform check-in and check-out of your documents in the online library.
  • Anytime access: Where time is money, this feature is an added feather to Microsoft. You can access emails and documents from any device and even if you do not have Microsoft access in your device, you can easily edit documents using online websites. It also supports file types of older and newer versions which are a plus.
  • Easy sharing: It provides you with a platform to share documents easily with anyone. You have an option for password protection which ensures that the data that is shared is safe. Having a share point reduces the effort required to send across the files to everyone and is an easy tool where anyone can access from any location. We can even maintain different versions of the same document and everyone knows where to refer to for a particular file.
  • Huge storage of data: Office 365 provides you with options to attach large files in emails and has huge storage which works perfectly for large organisations. You have features like; you can attach file size up to 25MB and the Mailbox has a storage facility of up to 100GB.
  • Secure: Data that is shared through Office 365 is very secure and there is no threat of data theft. We have different options for data safety while sending and it automatically detects spam emails.
  • Simple: They are very simple to use and do not need special training. It gives you a step by step guide to starting with your usage.
  • Payment options: There are a lot of flexible payment options that are available and make it easy even for small business to use it effectively. Access to users can be provided to particular software as required which is another advantage.
  • Reliability: Microsoft ensures that the loss of productivity is very critical to business and thus provides with a 99.9% uptime. There are a lot of backups in place to ensure that even if a failure occurs, the users would not be affected and would be serviced by the backup data centres.
  • Compliance: Office 365 is certified as in compliance with international standards and makes it more preferable by companies.
  • Up to date versions: Users have access to the up to date versions of Microsoft products automatically when a new version is released. The companies and the users using them will be given access to all the new features that were released in the latest versions.
  • Restoration of data: This is a great feature, where users can restore their deleted data. Even if it is permanently deleted it can be restored by enabling the Single Recovery Item


Considering the fact that there are so many benefits of using Office 365, it can definitely be named as an improved version. With focuses on reliability, simplicity, compatibility, security and adherence to compliance it definitely grabs the attention of many organisations. With many companies having different needs to adhere to, Office 365 complements the necessities easily and is a definite tool to be used.


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