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Jan 04
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Benefits and impacts of SEO to your business

While you have heard of SEO, you may not be fully aware of the true benefits of Search Engine Optimisation and still wondering is it necessary and is it of any help?  Look no further. Here I have gathered few benefits of using SEO. There might be many, but I have listed below only few which I feel were the most important, which could boost your sales and help your business grow:

  • Increase in traffic: Using SEO definitely increases the number of people who visit your website. The more people visit the site, the more chances of it turning into a sale. It is very welcoming to have many people visiting the website. The people who search for specific products and land in your website are more likely to buy the products compared to people who visit a site seeing a marketing link.
  • Customer data: You can get access to customer data on what are the keywords that a customer uses to search. This can potentially help in increasing your business.
  • Cost effective: It is very cost effective. Compared to paid advertising you don’t need to pay for pay per click because it is advertised on top, which is a great relief.
  • Brand name: Most of the people use Google to search for any kind of services. If you are among the top listed searches, it increases your brand name as more people become aware. Even competitors take notice of your company and brand.
  • Based on increase in number of visitors to your website and on suggestions being provided by them, you always have the scope to expand by understanding the customer needs and modifying accordingly.
  • Research claims that more than fifty percent of the clicks go to the first result that shows up in the search engine. By using SEO you can make sure that you are among them. There is no point in being a part of search results which occur in second or third page as these would definitely not lead to a click.
  • SEO insists on user optimization. Website should be user friendly and should be accessible in different forms of devices. This is an added advantage as this indirectly results in increasing the customer satisfaction and the website would be more appealing to the customer.
  • Less effort: Social media, email marketing and Search engine optimization all provide lead for a business and are very important. But the effort taken to maintain the other two compared to SEO is high.

As already mentioned above, every marketing campaign needs to be a mix of all the strategies and not just stick to one plan. Advertising through banners, social media, email marketing, tele-marketing etc.  All needs to be part of the plan.

More importance needs to be given to SEO as research proves that it generates more sales compared to other formats of marketing. Once we ensure that the website is SEO optimized which improves the user experience, it is beneficial to use the SEO services from a professional, who actually knows the business. The right service provider can increase your sales effectively. We also, need to make sure that the keyword search used by the customer is incorporated in our design. If not already done, based on the customer data that we can access, necessary changes can be made to ensure our listing comes up in the search made by the user. It is easily modifiable and thus can be changed any time.

There are millions of websites and if SEO is not used effectively, you will get lost in the crowd and not reap its benefits.


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