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Sep 22

Detailed information About the Docker – Open Platform for developers

Why Docker is So Popular:

The reason why Docker is so popular is because it is capable of executing tasks other container tools cannot. While other container tools are able to get the job done, Docker does it not only faster but also better.

Docker can get many applications running on the same hardware, more than most other container software. Docker not only makes it easy for developers to create contained applications, it also makes managing and deploying applications much easier. Docker is the ideal tool for any developer.

One of the most incredible features is that any Docker image can run on any machine running Docker. But what I found most amazing is the collaboration part of The Docker pull/push feature which for the first time ever, enable the developers and administrators to easily collaborate quickly on building infrastructure together where the application team can focus on building perfect application servers and the operations team can focus on building perfect service containers. The application and operations teams can share application containers and service containers easily and quickly.

More and more companies will be adopting Docker because of its multiple platform compatibility, quick delivery of applications, efficiency, ease of deployment, portability, flexibility, scalability and its many features which in combination offer massive savings. It’s no wonder Docker is becoming the standard for containerisation.

Using Docker to “dockerize” an application is one the reasons why Docker is so popular. However, will all future applications be dockerized? I don’t think they will be. While Docker is useful in many ways, it may not be suitable for every developer and company. Docker is not intended to solve every problem.

In summary, while Docker is a very useful container tool it will likely not be used by everyone as some developers or companies have different problems that may require tools with different capability. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of the journey for Docker, and it has already proven to be quite popular. I do expect Docker to quickly grow in popularity over the next few years especially in the Data Centres and hybrid Cloud where the need for fast, simple and consistent application development and deployment becomes more and more paramount than ever before. The popularity of Docker will to improve even further when security controls for Docker continues to improve.

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