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Aug 13

Effectively managing Content Marketing and Development Strategy

Content marketing and development is required for boosting the content and code ratio of websites. Below, I have discussed some of the most efficient and effective strategies that require content development. These strategies are to be followed gradually with constant input and will bring out long-term results for the website. The content distribution can be divided into two sections, onsite and offsite. In onsite content, we include everything that is on our website, while the rest of the content on other websites is considered as offsite.

Guest Blogging

Content distribution is not all about spreading content and code on any website, but it is about spreading informative content on high PR websites. However, you need to remember that your content must be natural, well researched and highly informative and attractive. Guest Blogging is the most efficient way of getting high PR backlinks. These guest posts get further shared or mentioned by other savvy users, ultimately grooming our website.

Blog/forum commenting

Participation in forums and blogs through commenting is the best way of creating a good and avid online presence. Share your experiences and knowledge while helping others. Be genuine, informative and convincing.


Article submission has lost some of its attraction for being only search engine focused, but still, it helps a lot in content marketing. Get your articles published on different high PR and authoritative article directories.

Press Release

Press Release is an efficient way of generating buzz about new business developments and product launches. Keep the world updated with your business developments through press releases.

Official Blog

Launching an official blog of the website is very important from content marketing and user interaction perspective. It would be an official platform to share your views, experience, knowledge and other informative things to interact with users.


Besides guest posting, blog commenting and official blog, the business still needs to increase code and content to fully consume all possible ways of content distribution. The business would need to acquire different websites serving as blogs. These blogs will be periodically updated and will be open for guest posting to ultimately promote your main business website.

Onsite content Revision

Once in a while, all to all content of the website should be thoroughly revised or edited, while removing any duplicity. While periodically updating different pages with informative content to keep the website frequently crawled by Google bots.

Onsite Pages

Before creating onsite pages, homework regarding keywords analysis should be done. Every onsite activity should be fully synchronized while targeting particular keywords in every possible place. Onsite pages should be added to contribute the content for high-targeted keywords. For a successful content strategy, an intelligent and market updated expert is needed Different SEO Training programs really help individuals to become expert in search engine optimization.

Info Section

Besides the addition of onsite pages, the business should try to make its website more informative and useful for the targeted audience. An addition of info Section, Infopedia or faqs would be a fine idea to do so. For instance, businesses dealing in CCNA certifications should discuss things like, what are the difficulties faced by students, Technical details of certification, frequently asked questions from students, Benefits of this certification and What kind of skills student gain with CCNA. This would, however; need technical assistance of niche specialized professional.

Adopting these content distribution strategies will help the business to boost the content and code ratio in a positive manner that is further shared by original users.

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