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Oct 09

Is CCNA still worth in 2021?

In a preceding couple of years, a vast majority of IT networks have shifted to the cloud. Cloud and virtualization continue to nurture at a quick velocity. This raises an immense query in a lot of youthful minds and experts alike: Is CCNA still worth in 2021?


Is CCNA still worth in 2021

It’s appropriately believed that the marvels of architecture were not fabricated in a single day and if the base is not sturdy the preeminent-looking edifice also crumple. Technology has matured, nowadays we hear a lot about IoT, big data, analytics, blockchain, and several others. In all these technologies data is an imperative facet but more significant is the movement of data. We still require sturdy networks in the backbone to facilitate shift data.

Coming back to cloud technologies, let us first define the cloud. Cloud is someone else’s device or instrument. These machines also have to be linked to each other. Yes, it does diminish the infrastructure expenditure at the client end, but at the supplier end, we require a vigorous network to exchange data within these machines. Therefore you notice that networking still structures the vertebrae of cloud technologies. Not all industries are employing cloud technologies but all industries do entail an unwavering network in the backdrop to develop.

Networking is a slump-proof industry and to initiate a profession in networking, CCNA acts as a gateway. CCNA has developed to be the world’s most preferred IT certification. Since its inauguration in 1998 CCNA has progressed over the years revising the curriculum every time technology has advanced. CCNA concentrates on constructing a sturdy basis for experts looking to initiate a profession in the world of IT Networking.

The Latest CCNA Exam: CCNA 200-301 received a foremost revision in the syllabus. To keep up with the vibrant IT progression, Cisco has now added topics associated with wireless networking, security, and network automation in the syllabus. This latest syllabus trains the experts better to take on challenging professional roles in this exceedingly complex IT landscape.

Having a CCNA certification also serves as evidence to the hiring manager that you have strong networking concepts needed for the job and have proved the same by acquiring the credentials. Moreover, the CCNA certificate is internationally acknowledged and recognized. So, acquiring a CCNA certification is definitely a must in 2021.

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