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Sep 28
Cisco Certification

Advantages of Cisco Certification for Potential Networking Professionals

Here we are going to talk about the benefits of getting CISCO certified. This is beneficial for two kinds of people. Those who are planning to get certified and solidify why this is a great idea? And second, those who are thinking about getting certified.

Cisco Certification


• With CISCO certifications you will never reach the end meaning there will always be something new, there will always some new concept or area to go into and discover in the CISCO realm. You can stay in CISCO never reach the end without getting into the programming world and having to learn a new language.

• The second reason why we believe that CISCO certification is awesome is that everyone wants to be like CISCO. What it means is that all of the network vendors out there know that CISCO is the biggest out there and they know that most people know that if they are going to know the command-line language, they are going to know the iOS. So everybody tries to make their software look and feel like CISCO. If you get CISCO certified, you can start crossing into other vendor lines without ever having to open their certification books because you know that they just want to be like CISCO. Their operating system is very similar to CISCO.

• The third reason that makes CISCO certification a must is that CISCO partners are required to employ certified people. You will never find this with another vendor. Where CISCO says that if you desire to get higher discounts on our equipment, if you want to buy stuff at a better deal, hire certified people and we will move you up in partner status. Thus, translating to large percentages off of CISCO equipment. So, you now have companies that say that CCNA, CCNP is required because they know that they have to have that certified person to move up into or keep their gold level status with CISCO.

• CISCO certifications are extremely respected.

• CISCO has a fantastic renewal policy. Every three years your certifications expire. You have to update it.
CISCO offers a wide range of certifications; choose the one that satisfies your interest. We at Logitrain are committed to giving you a ride through these diverse CISCO courses, with the comfort that will make your journey a pleasant and informative. Log on to www.logitrain.com.au and get registered in CISCO courses.

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