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Oct 16
ISTQB Software Testing

Benefits of ISTQB Software Testing Certification

The market for testing is huge, and it is expanding rapidly. That’s why, if you wish to excel in software testing career, you will have to sit for certification exams from time to time. This will not only help you to assess your knowledge but also to acquire new and became more advanced.


ISTQB Software Testing


There are different certificates in software testing.  International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is one of the most important among modern ones. ISTQB software testing certification is one of the best certifications that can reinforce your resume. It is made by more than 100 worldwide industry experts who have decades of experience in software testing and contain the guidelines and the best practices based on this experience. But let’s take a closer look at why it is so important.

From the Software Tester perspective, having ISTQB certificate demonstrates your mastery of the best practices in different fields of Software Testing. It can help you to advance your career and differentiates you from the rest of the people, who pretend on Software Tester positions.  ISTQB certification shows your interviewer that you have made a conscious effort to improve your expertise and skills in Testing.

There are a lot of benefits from hiring the ISTQB certified Software Tester from the company perspective as well. Certified Tester can help to reduce the number of defects.  The analysis shows that a combination of formal testing performed by certified personnel and pre-test defect removal activities can top to 99% of defect removal efficiency and reduce cost. In addition, it can result in faster delivery by decreasing the schedule timelines, and there is no doubt that time-to-market is very important for modern business. ISTQB also can help the organization to move to global standards. Currently, there are about 400000 certified testers in nearly 70 countries, as a result – ISTQB software tester certification is the de facto global standard. Also, such kind of standardization improves the communication between the business people and Software Test Engineers. Finally, ISTQB focuses on practical applications of software testing which testers need every day, and provide advanced techniques such as risk based testing, that can be extremely useful for any company.

To conclude, currently, ISTQB software testing certification is the fastest growing and the most popular software tester certification in the world. It provides a lot of benefits to certificate holders and to the companies who are hiring them.

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