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Jun 24
Security+ Certification

What Can a Security+ Certification Do to Your Career?

Security+ is a brilliant certification to get your foot in the door. Now, does this mean that every employee is going to necessitate that you have a Security+? No, absolutely not. But there are plenty of them out there that do, whether you talk about a government position or if you are in the military. If you work in certain fields of technology you have to have a Security+. There are no and, if, or buts about it. So Security+ certification can certainly help you move up in your career. No matter which sector you work in, having a Security+ certification will do nothing but help your career.

Security+ CertificationWhy Security+?

You can always start with A+ and the Network+ certifications if you happen to be working in a helpdesk type position. Some of those may come in handy. But if you aspire to further your career and maybe move into a network administrator position or a system administrator position Security+ certification is indeed a good credential to have. In the Security+ certification, we talk about things like:

  • Social Engineering
  • Physical Security
  • Wireless Security
  • How encryption works with some of our web-based transactions

The Security+ exam helps to validate some of the skills that you may already be using. So, one of the nicest things about Security+ certification is that it’s not just a multiple-choice exam, it also some performance-based questions to ensure that you can actually do the job whether it’s looking at some log output or looking at some firewall rules or whatever the case may be.

It’s imperative to get your foot in the door but the employees want to see that once you get your foot in the door you can keep it in the door. That means that you can actually do the job that you have applied for and the job that they have hired you for. So, the CompTIA Security+ exam is an exam that enables you to showcase your skills and to exhibit that you do possess the required knowledge to perform a specific job. CompTIA doesn’t just stop at the Security+, they do have certifications beyond that as well.

If you aspire to continue your cybersecurity career even further, there are multiple certifications like:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

Career Benefits

  • Let’s assume that an individual goes and applies for a new job, or is looking for a promotion within the company. Now, when the employee has two candidates, one of them has the certification and the other one does not, everything else being equal, who do you think is going to get the job? The obvious choice will be the one possessing a credential. So having a Security+ certification will boost your chances of selection.

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