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May 24

Top Five Free Service Desk Applications

Top Five Free Service Desk Applications

There are various service desk applications available in the market but not all of them are free so here we have listed the top five free service desk applications which are worth considering.

  1. User Voice
  2. It is best software and can be used in a product outlet which gets tons of feedback on their products improvement and need a solution which will help ranking and processing of the feedback. For example; ability to eliminate hundreds of similar suggestions written differently.

    Some of the key features of this help desk application is that it suggests searches to the users as they type and even integrates with Facebook. This Software helps Customer Support representatives to understand where they can make an improvement with a feedback report.

  3. osTicket
  4. This software has all the features of a full-sized help-desk software tool. It has a Ticket filter tool, which is used to route all the tickets coming from Email and phone calls to the right customer service representative. It has a feature “auto-responder” which helps in setting up the work flow as per the ticket type.

    Some of its key feature are that its agent can add logo, image or video to tickets and has an unlimited SLA agreement.

  5. OTRS
  6. This Software has a feature of notifying through an email when tickets are created or changed. Using this software, tickets can be sorted based on the status, such as new, open, escalated, pending, in-process etc.

    One of the key feature of this software is the ability to handle more requests which results into reduction in errors and optimizes the efficiency of a representatives.

  7. Triage
  8. It is a help desk software written in java and provide the interfaces to handle the tickets with notes and solutions. Using this software, whenever an agent enters a new ticket, this application will show them previous tickets and related solutions.

  9. PHP Helpdesk
  10. It is an application designed for the archive and follow-up of help-desk events. It automatically assigns an ID (unique) to all the issues. As all the issues are not of same importance, this application helps in prioritizing tickets by urgency. Each ticket is assigned to a team member either manually or automatically, who can talk to the customer using web interface and attach files as well as add notes to the tickets. At, last customers are informed over an email when a staff responds to their ticket and the issue is resolved.

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