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Apr 11

My Logitrain Internship Experience

I had a one month Internship experience at Logitrain and would definitely rate it as a wonderful, challenging and learning experience. Internship is usually taken up by those who feel they are not yet ready for the job or who have doubts in their mind about the type of job they would be handling. Many are apprehensive that they would not be able to transition from the theoretical part to the practical part. Most of them would have the relevant skills or certifications or degree for the required job, but may lack experience in the related field.

Internship makes them job ready and gives them hands on experience about the work that they would be doing on a day to day basis. This is best for people who are recent graduates or have recently migrated to a new country or are looking for a change in their career in a totally different field.

I took up the Business Analyst Job Guarantee 1 program with Logitrain, which combines both training and a month of internship. In the internship program, you are given tasks to be completed on a daily basis and weekly basis. It is tailored to suit everyone based on the availability of the person.

I was working as a Business Analyst earlier, back in my home country and I had migrated recently. I wanted to learn the terminology and practices that are used here, as I had learned it on the job without any formal training. The training helped me in gaining the required skills that I was looking for, but even I had the doubts of applying the learnt practices in use in the work place.

The internship program has helped me in gaining confidence. As a business analyst, there few core skills those are necessary apart from good communication skills. The internship program provided me with all aspects of improving my skill set that would be useful in my real time job.

It was divided into four main categories with a dedicated mentor:

Technical Writing: This helped me in gaining knowledge about many things and also improved my writing skills. Technical writing is a basic criteria and every Business Analyst must be aware of the same. Though I had BA experience previously, such extensive writing was not involved in my job. I had written almost sixty articles which boosted my confidence in writing.

Business Analysis methods for Success: Secondly, there was a book which dealt with many ways of handling Business real time scenarios and examples. Studying that gave me an understanding of the role a Business analyst can play effectively to add value to the organisation rather than just doing the job.

Case Studies: This part is dealt with understanding the scenarios that is given and analysing them and writing about them. As problem analysis is another big part as a Business Analyst, this helped me in analysing the cases and understanding the process of writing case studies.

Behavioural skills: This part is equally important and most of us don’t prepare for them as it is considered to be answered spontaneously. But when the actual interviewer asks questions we just say what comes in our mind at that point of time, which may not be useful for the role we are being interviewed for. Preparing for the behavioural questions made me realise that proper preparation can help in answering them in a better way. It doesn’t mean that we make up stories. It is just that preparing beforehand so that we can speak relevant to the position we are applying for.

I feel that the Internship covered all the necessary aspects. Though the actual type of job may vary based on the role and necessities of the organisation, my internship experience at Logitrain helped me in improving the core skills that are expected out of a Business Analyst.

This recollection of internship experience was done by one of Job program candidates who undertook the BA job program at Logitrain.

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