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Mar 10

ITIL Benefits

Information Technology Infrastructure library includes set of recommendations used as a reference point for adapting best IT Practices worldwide. ITIL is non prescriptive and very flexible and easy to adapt framework.
ITIL adaptation benefits IT Service provides as well as customers and suppliers.

Some of the benefits of ITIL framework are given below:

Define common languageITIL Benefits
ITIL framework has set of terminology that can be commonly used. The terminology can be used to reference Processes, functions and roles. This terminology can be applied throughout Information Technology industry. This terminology helps to bridge the language barrier between an IT Service provider and its non IT Client

Standard recommendation
The Framework has recommendation for standard in various IT areas. This defines a basis point in measuring the competency of an IT Service provider.

Best Practices
The Framework has industry best practices recommendation. These can be used as a guidance when reviewing current IT Operations. ITIL has best practice recommendation throughout the lifecycle of the product. The recommendations are comprehensive and easy to follow.

Improvement in operations
Adaption of ITIL Framework helps to improve IT Operations performances while at the same time reducing the IT budget. ITIL framework gives IT Organisations ability to measure and improve process performance and reduce the IT operation overhead.

Competitive Advantage
The Framework gives a standard way of operations. This can be easily modelled for a particular IT Service provider. The standard way of operations helps IT organisation work well with their customers and suppliers. IT service providers are able to give excellent service using the standard way of operating and are prepared for any scenario.

Build Trust
The Framework enables IT Service providers to meet the customer demands and can deliver good quality service with less overheads. IT service providers have ability provide good quality service and are able to meet customer demands. Thus Practitioners are trusted worldwide for good IT Service.

Well Known
ITIL Framework is recognised worldwide. It is commonly adapted and most popular framework. It is used as international benchmark for measuring IT Service organisation’s capability. ITIL Framework provides common tools and resources across the IT industry.

Delivering Results
Finally the Framework is helping IT Companies worldwide to improve their service performance. Companies are able to meet and exceed client expectation, lower the operation cost and increase their revenue. They are able to improve on the service offering at same time they are ready for any disaster scenario. IT Service providers who adapt ITIL Framework are regarded as preferred IT Suppliers.


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