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Mar 06

Why I chose Logitrain for Business Analysis Training?

As a new migrant to Australia and though I had eight years of experience overseas, after applying for many jobs through different websites, I found that getting a call for the jobs you have applied is very difficult and even if you get one, they end up asking if my last experience was in Australia. When I tell them that it was in overseas, they would hang up stating “I will get a call back if I am selected” and very soon I understood that they wouldn’t call me back. I was frustrated thinking that I had come on a skilled immigrant visa and had taken the IELTS exam to prove my communications skills in English and in spite of that they expected a local experience.

Well, I put my idle time to good use by making up my mind on what I wanted in my career and did some research online on how to pursue that. I could find many certifications and many training institutes in IT, which made my job even more difficult to decide on my correct career goal and if I pursued it, will I land a job in Australia. There were a lot of online courses and self-study material available, but I wanted a program that would tell me how to pursue my career choice and also wanted class based training for that motivation to study.

I did some further research and found that Logitrain had this unique program with features as below, which suited me perfectly

  • Suggesting what needs to be done to pursue your career.
  • Helping you with courses that need to be combined for better results.
  • Providing you an internship which will give you an insight of real time experience.
  • Local reference number, which is preferred by recruiters.
  • Option for up gradation from one package to another, if required.
  • Options to pay for the course in instalments.

I made an enquiry over the website, for which I got a prompt response and also sent across my resume seeking career advice. I was happy that they took time to go through my resume and advise me on what else can be done to improve my chances of getting a job. This showed professionalism on their part and also their knowledge about the current market scenarios.

I went through the reviews written by other students who had successfully completed the program and also had a word with HR team on the current job opportunities available. I also mentioned them about my availability only for few days a week and they tailored me a schedule as per my convenience. They were very understanding and accommodating.

They have a lot of certification courses and one can take exam at their centre and all the certifications offered by them were recognised globally, which was another advantage. I was very much impressed with their job packages, which mentioned what all courses are to be combined together for effective career progression and which will help you to stand out in the crowd. Their packages included job guarantee programs which are another advantage for people who struggle to get a job in the Australian market. They also have job programs for different people with different experience.

After further research and on the recommendation from the Logitrain team, I finalised on the BA1 program. Having a total of eight years of experience in IT field with development, customer support and Business Analysis to my credit, I felt the combination of few certifications, an internship and a local reference would help me stand out in the crowd and land me a job in Australia.

This article was written by a Logitrain student who attended our Business Analysis Job Program

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