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Oct 19
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Importance and the benefits of Exchange Server to the business

Exchange server is used to manage emails more efficiently. When most of the businesses are done through mails and with a large flow of mails every day, organisations find it easier to have an exchange server that can handle the load and also are efficient at the same time. How important is Exchange server? Very important, I would say based on the following benefits it offers:

First and foremost is the accessibility. If you are travelling or your laptop doesn’t work and you want to access your email, it is possible with exchange server. You will only need a web access where you can even open outlook and access your mails and sort them as per your need. You have a feature in exchange server known as Outlook web access where you can access your outlook. It is compatible with outlook. This gives you access to information from anywhere in the world. It is a very big step with businesses growing very rapidly and not even a minute can be wasted. It is very useful for those who keep travelling a lot and you don’t have to worry about accessing data.

Compatibility comes next with which one can access all the mails from any device. It makes life easier as it is compatible with your smart phone and tablets and gives the ease of access.

Calendars can be shared with ease across all the outlook users and hence makes it faster. Other features include scheduling features and voice mail storage.

Exchange server has enhanced security features which take care of hackers and foreign threats which is very important for a software package. With many organisations realizing the major issues with increasing security issues, exchange server seems to be a better option. Exchange server also sees to it that the emails that are sent across remain confidential and inaccessible to outside world without proper access.

Archiving and large storage for mailboxes are other main features provided by exchange server where users have the flexibility to store their mails in primary mail box as well as archiving options.

Share point is another benefit offered by exchange server where all documents can be stored in a single place with access options. This enables users to access documents from a single location increasing productivity of the team. It also has versioning options which give you the ability to easily trace your documents.

Sharing among users from other networks is also easily possible using exchange server. Server automatically detects for any kind of duplication and consolidates the contact information into one card.

Customization is another feature that helps users modify and access the applications as per their needs.

Simplicity is also very important these days as people use email in most occasions and would find it difficult to work with complexity. Single sign on provides easier access to multiple applications and also security is taken care of by ensuring proper access control. Everyday users would find it difficult to remember so many passwords and would find a lot of time wasted just to access few applications. But, with Exchange server this tasks becomes easier.

Ensuring compliance can also be easy with many tools that can be used to analyze company’s data from exchange and share point. This would help the business is maintaining the compliance with reduced costs.

Loss of data can be prevented as everything is stored in the server and can be accessed from any web in case of any device failure too.

Going through the above benefits it is very clear that exchange server is very important for any company to enhance its email feature.


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