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Jul 06
ccna salary

CCNA SALARY: How Much Can You Make with CCNA?

A lot of individuals are planning to kick off a profession in IT and the desire to know how much can they earn through their CCNA. Here we will discuss three factors that will affect how much you can earn with your CCNA.

ccna salary


  1. Experience

The first factor is experience. Companies are looking for experience and how much experience you have is going to affect how much you get paid. The bracket range for network engineers, in general, is between 65,000$ up to 120,000$, but how much you earn will be based on how much experience you basically have. So we have looked at a few adverts to try to get a ballpark figure of how much you can earn depending on the experience that you have. For example, a network engineer who possesses an experience of zero to 2 years, he/she will be paid an average of 60-70 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, if you have got 6 to 10 years of experience, you are likely to get 110 to 130 thousand dollars. In the current year, CCNA has the potential to earn you a starting salary of 60,000 and can you up to 120 thousand dollars depending on the experience that you have. So, if you are wondering how much you can get through CCNA, these are the latest figures. You must understand that experience is not only attained in a job, you can obtain experience by working with the equipment even at home.

  1. Location

Location is very important in determining how much you can earn with your certification. Network engineers in different countries earn different salaries. For example, in Venezuela, electrical engineers are paid 300$ per month, in Brazil the same electrical engineer is paid 1500$ a month, but the same electrical engineer in Australia is paid above 6000$ per month. So individuals doing the same job will get different salaries based on the economy of their country. Even different cities tend to pay different salaries. This is a predominant factor across multiple countries.

  1. Other Certifications

The next important factor is what other certifications do you have other than CCNA. Sometimes in the markets companies are looking for multi-skilled graduates.

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