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Mar 22
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Why is cable management important?

At home, with few cables, it becomes so difficult to understand the connectivity or to identify which cable is for which purpose. We can imagine how difficult it would be in big organisations and data centres with a lot of servers and computers to maintain.

Many don’t even think it is necessary or might be on their least priority list. But a network administrator or the one who looks into the issues knows how important cable management is. There has been a lot of stuff written about cable management and one can imagine how much value cable management can bring. Let’s see why it is important.

  • Ease of use: Well, this is a major benefit. When in a large organisation or a small use at home, if the cables are neatly arranged it is always easier to identify in case of any faults. Otherwise, it could take a lot of time just to analyze which cables are used for which purpose. One way to manage them is to use colour codes that indicate the actual purpose of the wires. There is the standard colour notation used worldwide. Using a few of them could save a lot of time and improve the efficiency of work.
  • Safety: Here we are considering organisations where there will be a lot of cables to manage and if not organized properly there could be chances of fire or people tripping over. This may sound silly to some since we imagine only a few wires lying around. It is very important because overlapping wires if not maintained and organized properly can lead to sparks and further damage to the cables.
  • Troubleshooting: Well, this is the most obvious reason because checking on data cables is the first step in any troubleshooting process. That should not be a complex process with dozens of wires entangled with each other. One should be able to check for connectivity easily.
  • Airflow: We need to manage cables in such a way that airflow to our PCs is not restricted, which can be hazardous for the device. Obstructing the airflow decreases the life of the device.

While it is so important, let’s see what can be done to manage them effectively.

  • Labelling is a very effective way in which we can handle different types of cables. It helps us in identifying issues faster and makes the area look clean.
  • Bundling is also another way in which we can group excess cables together. Many companies order cables from third-party sources and it may not always be as per their length choices. Bundling can save space and the mess around the extra-long cables.
  • The cable management system provides many arms, racks, bars of many sizes and shapes. Utilizing them effectively can save a lot of space and makes organizing easier. We might need to invest some time and money initially to analyze the needs of the organisation and procure the racks as required.

These are a few benefits of effective cable management and a few tips on how to use them effectively. We need to make sure of a few other things while using cable management. Cable ties are the easiest way to manage the wires, but we need to ensure that they are not squished by tightening them too much. Also, we need to take care that the wires are not too bent that they lose their signals. We need to consider them while using fibre optics or copper wires in a network.

There are many cost-effective ways to manage a lot of cables effectively using cable management. With little research and understanding of the need, it can be tailored accordingly.


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