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Mar 29
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Why should you do CCNA security?

We all know that the world is fast forwarded using internet for everything. With so much of internet usage it becomes highly important for managing the networking of such a highly complex infrastructure.

Apart from managing the network there comes another aspect which is the biggest challenge faced worldwide and that is Security. Cisco understands this and has brought about the CCNA Security certification which is an attempt at overcoming the challenge faced by many.

The CCNA Security offers professionals a specific path to their career in security. Security skills are one of the skills which are in highest demand in the networking job market. As IT deals with a lot of business sensitive data, security becomes one of their highest priorities. IT definitely needs people who are specialized in this particular area and the CCNA security certification provides just that. They need people who can identify potential threats to the security and manage them effectively. With job market growing for network specialists, obtaining a particular certification in the “Security” area is very beneficial. The gap in skills is a major issue for recruiters who cannot afford to risk their security. They look out for professionals with a better understanding of the risk involved in handling a huge amount of data and the significance of the security policies.

There are many roles or career paths that an individual can choose after obtaining the CCNA security certification such as Network security specialist, Security administrator and Security Support Engineer. If an individual is interested in pursuing this career path then obtaining the CCNA Security certification is very helpful. The training involved in gaining the certification provides you with detailed overview of the security challenges that are faced in a networking technology. It also provides comprehensive details about the solutions and how the troubleshooting process needs to be done. It will also provide you with details on how different security policies can affect a network and how to handle them successfully.

The certification is highly regarded by most of the companies who deal with the networking and would definitely open up many career opportunities. Gaining a CCNA certification will definitely help you gain recognition and CCNA security is no different. It provides more opportunities for people who love working in a networking field and would love to expand their options in the security area.

The CCNA security is an added advantage for people who already possess the CCNA certification as it acts as a base for understanding the security processes. CCNA Security is also a pre-requisite for earning the Cisco CCSP professional level certificate. Gaining the CCNA Security certificate helps you grow in your career path. The CCNA Security acts as a catalyst for developing your career and helping in achieving your career goals.

As discussed above, CCNA Security provides many benefits for a network engineer who wants to get specialized in security. There are many ways to learn the certification with many institutes providing online and classroom based trainings. It helps in developing skills about maintenance of the network, installation, monitoring and troubleshooting of the network devices in order to maintain integrity and confidentiality of the data.

As always, new skill addition helps in personal growth of an individual as well and is important to stay updated with the new technologies and changes in the market and with the CCNA Security certification one can expect good remuneration packages for the jobs compared to others without any certifications.


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