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Apr 05
Why do we use DNS?

What is DNS? How it works and benefits of DNS.

What is DNS?

Domain Name system is transferring the names into IP address i.e. having a website as www.google.com is convenient and can be easily remembered by any person. Every name is internally associated to an IP address which comes in the format as When we click on any website the computer uses DNS to read the IP address and target it to the destination. That is because a computer only understands IP address whereas it is too difficult for a person to work with IP addresses. Using a domain name to navigate to the desired website is the easiest way for any person and it would be extremely difficult for anyone to remember the IP address and type in them.

How it works?

Domain Name system considers three parts of the URL that is entered. Considering the above URL, the first part that is analyzed is the “.com” part. Few URLs have different endings as “.gov” or “.in”. Secondly, the DNS considers the second part that is the domain name which is “google” in our example. Finally the “www” part is analyzed. There could be other beginnings also such as “pop” etc. Each indicates different functions and services rendered. There could be different services that are rendered, based on the beginning of the URL though the domain name remains the same. Some website owners do use different formats of their websites just to ensure that even if one format is down, the other would work and not affect business.


  • Companies that use DNS provide high level of security and protect data from unwanted access.
  • DNS servers are monitored daily.
  • DNS server has software to check for any errors and updates the users automatically in case of any.
  • Managing domains is very easy as customers only require an internet connection and it is easy to use interface.
  • One DNS server is capable of managing multiple domains and thus proves to be very flexible.
  • SafeDNS is software that helps the users to manage their domains with ease and users have full control over their domains.
  • IP addresses of the websites can be changed internally without affecting the user as he can still navigate using the same domain name.
  • DNS masks the IP address and provides security as IP address can provide information on the physical location of a system.


There are two ways of using DNS. One is Public DNS and other is your own DNS server. Generally large organisations use their own DNS server as it is more cost effective, whereas when it comes to usage by a single user it is not beneficial to do so. You have options to use the Internet Service Provider’s or to use a Public Domain Name service. It is always useful to consider all the options before using a DNS of your own or to use one which is Public DNS as both have their share of advantages and disadvantages.


With many such user benefits, DNS has become an integral part of all users who use internet. The ease with each it can be used and maintained, it has become inevitable to use DNS. With DNS, the user does not have to memorize big numbers and can easily use names which they can relate to. DNS resolves the host names with ease without the user intervention. Imagine a situation where a user has to remember so many IP addresses to navigate to different pages. We know that it is impossible to do so. Whereas using names, we can easily navigate many pages. We can’t possibly use an internet service without the help of DNS.


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