302–BIG-IP DNS Specialist Course

302–BIG-IP DNS Specialist Training

The BIG-IP DNS Specialist certification training course covers fundamental to advanced operations of DNS protocol, deployment and test setups troubleshooting, and remediates common misconfigurations. 

During the certification training course participants will learn BIG-IP DNS solution, GSLB DNS components, GSLB operations, and BIG-IP DNS configuration restoration. By doing this course candidates will gain knowledge about BIG-IP DNS monitoring strategies, system log data and statistics for problem analysis, and configuration options for TMOS and sync groups.

Valid F5-CA, BIG-IP Certification

Candidates can achieve this certification by passing the following exam.

  • 302–BIG-IP DNS Specialist

Logitrain F5 302–BIG-IP DNS Specialist course material

  • Identify customer requirements, constraints, and challenges related to DNS
  • Evaluate existing DNS environment for BIG-IP DNS solutions
  • Determine appropriate deployment and integration strategy for a BIG-IP DNS Solution
  • Determine performance requirements for a BIG-IP DNS solution
  • Identify configuration options for TMOS and sync groups
  • Identify configure options for GSLB
  • Identify configuration options for non-GSLB DNS components
  • Identify the necessary network environment for GSLB operations
  • Determine when and how to employ the appropriate network and DNS troubleshooting tools
  • Diagnose BIG-IP DNS issues
  • Analyse system log data and statistics for problem analysis
  • Address DNS-related issues based on troubleshooting and log analysis
  • Identify process to perform BIG-IP DNS configuration backup
  • Identify the prerequisites and procedure for BIG-IP DNS configuration restoration
  • Identify various BIG-IP DNS monitoring strategies
  • Recognize appropriate procedures for performing BIG-IP DNS software upgrades


This course is likely to add to the employment-related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

  • Network Engineers
  • Cybersecurity Engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • IT professionals interested in F5 certifications
  • Recognize the functionality and limitations of the DNS protocol (e.g., hierarchy, roles)
  • Determine relevant information to gather regarding a customer’s need for high availability, security, and management
  • Ascertain specific scope and scale of DNS requirements
  • Recognize limitations imposed by the existing DNS service provider
  • Identify change control procedure related the integration of BIG-IP DNS into an existing environment
  • Given a customer environment, requirements, and constraints, select an appropriate deployment model
  • Relate the performance characteristics of virtual edition and physical hardware to a specific use case
  • Employ topology load balancing to optimize user experience
  • Predict the performance implications pertaining to key DNS features (e.g., DNSSEC, topology LB)
  • Create the proper self-IP configuration, routes, and settings for iQuery communications
  • Ensure proper NTP operation of all sync group members
  • Create logging profiles for DNS request and/or response
  • Differentiate between, and determine when to use, the two tiers of GSLB pool selection and the three tiers of virtual server selection
  • Recognize the functionality of various load balancing methods (e.g., static, dynamic, and fallback)
  • Recognize topology load balancing configuration parameters
  • Determine the listener IP and protocol
  • Configure DNS Express and DNS Cache
  • Recognize the significance of source and destination ports for communication between BIG-IP DNS devices
  • Identify missing/non-functional network configurations when enabling GSLB operation (e.g., iQuery, generic host probing)
  • Use openssl to review trusted cert information
  • Use tcpdump to capture and analyze DNS and iQuery traffic on appropriate VLAN an IP
  • Use dig/nslookup to verify DNS configuration and operation
  • Investigate root cause for virtual server flapping issue
  • Analyse DNS request/response pattern to confirm BIG-IP DNS configuration, health monitor an iQuery operation
  • Verify the status of pools based on relevant log entries
  • Analyse statistical data to pinpoint any issues regarding query response times
  • Analyse appropriate log for proper zone transfer operation
  • Apply config change (e.g., monitor or prober) to remedy flapping of server objects
  • Address proper IP address choice(s) for iQuery communication between devices
  • Perform the steps in the GUI to create system archive files
  • Issue TMSH commands to create system archive files.
  • Verify file creation and move to remote storage
  • Recognize the special requirements for restoring configuration data to a BIG-IP DNS RMA unit
  • Compare configuration objects between a new BIG-IP DNS and existing sync group member
  • Determine when and how to restore the master encryption keys for TSIG and DNSSEC
  • Configure SNMP polling
  • Describe and use DNS statistics and DNS analytics
  • Recognize the significance of the requirement for license reactivation prior to upgrade
  • Given a GSLB configuration, predict the potential end-user impact when upgrading a DNS sync group member while it is offline
  • Validate BIG-IP DNS operation status, post-upgrade
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