ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIOT) Training Course

ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIOT) Training Course

ISQI offers a vast variety of certification course. ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) provides foundation-level knowledge of IoT and IoT technologies. ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) training certification course helps to learn advanced-level of IoT architecture, features, risk analysis in IoT and life cycle. This certification training provides you to learn fundamental concepts of Quality Engineering the Internet of Things,  features of QE4IoT,  IoT quality attributes, Operating an IoT System, Standards, IoT Reference Architectures, Constructive Quality Engineering,  Aspects of IoT, IT Security and Safety, Continuous Development, Risk Analysis, Testability und Test Automation, Test Process and Test Architecture. ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification training course helps to understand the Quality Attributes, IoT Architecture, Processes and Methods, Analytical QE and Lifecycle of IoT. This certification allows you to build a career as an IT manager, IoT Cybersecurity, Senior Engineer – IoT Devices, IT/ OT/IoT Engineer or Network Engineer type job role. CPIOT certification helps you to grow your career in IoT.

ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification training course includes following topics – Quality Engineering the Internet of Things, Specific features of QE4IoT,  IoT quality attributes, Operating an IoT System, Quality attributes with particular relevance for IoT, IoT Reference Architectures, Representation of IoT Systems with Reference Models, Constructive Quality Engineering, Selected Aspects of IoT, Quality Attributes of an IoT System and Constructive QE, Approaches for Continuous Development, Test Objectives and Prioritization, Specific Test Levels for IoT, Risk Analysis, Test Activities in the Lifecycle, Testability und Test Automation, Test Process and Test Architecture, Test Techniques, The Phases of the IoT Lifecycle, Understanding the Special Significance of an Interdisciplinary Approach for the IoT Lifecycle and Continuing QE Activities after Roll-Out.

Logitrain provides learning material for ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification course and book. We give practical and theoretical knowledge of ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) Certification training Program to our students.

There are no pre-requisites for the ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification course.

ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification exam.

Logitrain course provides you course material for ASQF® – Professional for IoT (CPIOT) certification.

Other books

  1. The Internet of Things 20th Tyrrhenian Workshop on Digital Communications by Daniel Giusto (Editor), Antonio Iera (Editor), Giacomo Morabito (Editor), & 1 more Format: Kindle Edition
  2. Recent Advances in Security, Privacy, and Trust for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) by Kuan-Ching Li (Editor), Brij B. Gupta (Editor) Format: Kindle Edition book.
  • Motivation
  • Constructive QE – Quality Attributes
  • Constructive QE – IoT Architecture
  • Constructive QE – Processes and Methods
  • Analytical QE (including Test)
  • Lifecycle

This course is likely to add to the employment-related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

  • IT managers
  • IoT Cybersecurity
  • Senior Engineer – IoT Devices
  • IT/ OT/IoT Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • What is Quality Engineering the Internet of Things
  • Specific features of QE IoT
  • IoT business is data business – what does that mean for QE?
  • The Smart Home example
  • Overview of the relevant IoT quality attributes
  • Operating an IoT System: Challenges occur already at the concept stage Standards
  • Quality attributes with particular relevance for IoT
  • Functional suitability
  • IoT Security
  • Compatibility
  • Robustness and Resilience
  • Maintenance and Portability
  • Performance
  • Ethical aspects regarding IoT
  • Scenario-based exercise
  • Example for the Exercise on Quality Attributes
  • IoT Reference Architectures
  • Reference Architectures
  • AIOTI HLA as an IoT Reference Architecture
  • Representation of IoT Systems with Reference Models
  • Smart-Home Platform
  • Constructive Quality Engineering
  • Processes and Best Practices for IoT Development
  • DevOps for IoT
  • Selected Aspects of IoT
  • IoT Exercise for Data Orientation in IoT
  • Variants of IoT Systems
  • Operation of IoT Systems
  • Quality Attributes of an IoT System and Constructive QE
  • IT Security and Safety
  • The Trade-off between Usability, Maintainability and IT Security
  • The Trade-off between Resilience, Robustness and Performance
  • The Trade-off between Connectivity, Interoperability and IT security
  • Approaches for Continuous Development
  • Advantages of Agile Procedures
  • Advantages of Automated Approaches
  • Test Objectives and Prioritization
  • Specific Test Levels for IoT
  • Risk Analysis
  • Test Activities in the Lifecycle
  • Testability und Test Automation
  • Specialties of IoT Testing
  • Test automation
  • Test Process and Test Architecture
  • The Fundamental Test Process
  • Test Automation Architectures
  • IoT Test Architectures
  • Test Techniques
  • Important IoT Test Techniques
  • Security Test
  • Interoperability Test
  • Performance Test
  • Product Certification
  • The Phases of the IoT Lifecycle
  • Relevant Standards in an IoT context with their Lifecycle Definitions
  • Interrelated Lifecycles in the IoT Context with their Phases and their Significance from the QE Viewpoint
  • Understanding the Special Significance of an Interdisciplinary Approach for the IoT Lifecycle
  • The Interdisciplinary Nature of the IoT Lifecycle
  • Stakeholders and their Importance in the IoT Lifecycle
  • Continuing QE Activities after Roll-Out
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