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Apr 18

Which IT Course is Good for Me?

Building a career in IT can become not only fulfilling especially if you have a strong passion in IT Courses, but highly rewarding as well. IT practitioners are some of the most highly compensated professionals in the world and it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out why. To say the least, the technical know how that IT professionals have always sets them apart from the rest and makes them extremely valuable in this fast evolving technological world.

Even before you settle on the particular course you are going to pursue in the field of Information Technology, probably the first thing you should do is get enrolled for some computer training courses. Here’s the thing, most certifications in IT are pretty complex and are meant to give you a deeper understanding of IT concepts and methodologies.

It often becomes so difficult for a student to learn intricate certifications if they have not clearly grasped the basic computer concepts. It’s like a child who goes to ride a bicycle without first trying out a tricycle. Computer training courses will for instance make you knowledgeable of Microsoft products and technologies giving you a great foundation for learning more advanced IT certifications.

Networking Courses and Training

For students who already possess the basic computer skills, networking training and courses are ideal for landing one on their first entry level IT job. There is a lot that companies and organisations benefit from hiring a professional networker. Big and small companies or organisations today all need computer networks to ensure easy sharing and flow of information from one employee to the other.

This is only acheivable if a company or organisation has a good and reliable computer network. Networking training will put you in the best position to offer professional networking services that many companies/employers desperately need. CCNA is a good example of certifications that can equip you with professional networking skills.

Agile Training and Certification

Besides networking, you might also want to consider undertaking an agile course. Courses in Agile mainly focus on teaching students agile project management methods. In simple terms, agile is a unique way that one can use to manage IT development teams and projects. For instance, assume you have been entrusted with the task of leading a software development team. How will you ensure the team meets its goals and objectives? What will you do to make sure that the project is a success?

Project management is normally a lot arduous than is often viewed. Remember the real challenge of managing a project is ensuring its continued success. Your ability to sustain the success of a project will to a great extent depend on whether or not you have an agile course under your belt.

Taking up an agile course will help you learn four major values that are crucial in project management:

  1. Enabling great interactions amongst individuals in the team.
  2. Developing working and efficient software.
  3. How to achieve customer collaboration.
  4. How to respond to or deal with change.

The supply of this course/package/program is governed by our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before enrolling, as enrolment is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions. Proposed dates are given, courses run subject to availability and minimum registrations.


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