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Jan 22

Top 11 Tips For CCNA Exams Preparation

Undertaking CCNA training is important if you want to pursue a successful IT career. Here are 11 tips for CCNA Exams Preparation.

1) Read the CCNA textbook and take notes.

2) Listen to your teacher and ask questions when you are unsure about a concept or topic.

3) Practice using the software to build networks.

4) Do more practice question that is required- The more you practice the more you will become an expert in an area.

5) Prepare for the topics that will be in the exam. Do not study unnecessarily.

6) Go over books again until you know the theories and concepts.

7) Don’t memorise but understand the content. This is important as in your workplace you must be able to tap into your knowledge about CCNA at any time.

8) Ask for help if you are struggling to understand concepts.

9) Use metaphors or diagrams that explain CCNA in layman’s terms.

10) Read about the general outline of CCNA before reading the books.

11) Get your family or friends to test you on CCNA.

 Hope my article on Tips for CCNA Exams preparation is extremely useful.

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