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Aug 08

Network design checklist and tips

When designing a computer network, whether, for a few people or a large number of people, it’s crucial to examine the requirements and wishes of those who will be using the network along with the expense of those who will be spending for it. Some essential things to focus on that may not be on anyone’s wish list comprise balancing security concerns with the demand for easy reach to information; creating redundancy into the network in expectation of failures; and standardizing hardware and software to suppress maintenance costs. In case something horrible occurs, a disaster recovery plan should be in the picture. In case things go well for the organisation, the path for future growth should be created in the network design.

To make sure you offer the best network design possible, here are a few network designs tips to help ensure your network will function well, be able to balance with your business, and ultimately assist the company to operate better.
• Connectivity and Security
Network connectivity and network planning, in the present world, values more than Ethernet cables and wireless access points. People today are more linked via mobile phones than ever before and many of them demand to access the company email and data while they are out of the office. To fulfil those demands while controlling security is a big challenge that needs to be figured out in the design phase of any network.
This comprises where data is stored, either on-premises or offsite with cloud-oriented solutions, what kinds of information should be reachable, who should be able to access it, and which types of tools should be included. Firewalls and access servers are required to be secure with no slowing down operations.
• Plan for the Future
A prime section of network planning and design is choosing systems that will enhance your business. Being able to display the current infrastructure as well as normally highlight any new hardware and software you plan to adjust is vital to help ensure you don’t finish with an inefficient monster of a network.
This connects nicely to a second point here, and that is that network infrastructure design is not only about planning the hardware! Every new application or piece of software you deploy will affect the operation of your network as it will demand processing power, support, and storage.
The final part of any future plans should be about bandwidth progress. As we continue to create technologies like the internet of things, video conferencing, and collaboration tools, network bandwidth requirements will also keep enhancing.
• Hierarchy
Designing your access layer network in a multi-level design will permit you to measure the hardware demands, secure the network, incorporate redundancy, and guarantee your network operates at desired speeds. Cisco advises a 3-tier design consisting of core, distribution, and access levels. Radically, the fastest route to any destination is a direct path. The hierarchical design in planning and design measures this feature to enterprise levels, allowing data to contravene the network in the shortest path possible while still offering efficiency. The most expensive and feature-oriented switches will be in the fundamental and distribution layers. The least expensive switches can be utilised for the access layer, where the end-users link to the network.
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