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May 17
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Importance of Microsoft Outlook

Well, email has become an essential part of any organisation. As team members and customers reside all over the world, communication through mail has become an integral part of any project. All official communications are done through email and it has become one of the most useful and popular inventions of all time. Though there are many options of using email, most of the professional organisations use Microsoft Outlook as their desktop e-mail client and let’s see why Outlook has become so popular:

  1. Easy to use: Outlook has always been very easy to use and with the huge amount of communication that happens over mails, organizing them is very important to keep a track of the different kinds of mails that you receive. Organizing emails using outlook has been easiest where you can customize on how to use colors or assign different categories.
  1. Manage calendar: Managing your daily calendar using outlook has become easy and setting up meetings or joining a conference call, all has been well organized. It sends out an alert well before the start of the meeting, so that one can prepare for the same and also at the time of commencement.
  1. Offline access: Where time is very important these days, outlook provides an easy access to mails even when there is no internet access. This means, your time can be effectively used for e.g. while travelling and respond to mails. These mails would be actually sent out only when internet is connected, but you can have them all sorted out beforehand.
  1. Marking importance of mails: In outlook, we have a red flag to mark the importance of an email. This gives users a sense of urgency. There are different colors of flag that can be used based on various needs.
  1. Workflow: Outlook has the option for different kinds of workflows where you can send an invite to many people with different options and everyone can vote their choice easily.
  1. Out Of Office and Rules: It is easy to set the Out of Office replies based on the time and date. You also have options to set rules for moving emails to different folders based on different conditions or set a rule to flag an email as important.
  1. Availability of a person: One can check the availability status of a person easily from outlook from the contact information, which also provides detailed information about the person, job, work location, contact information etc.
  1. Good security: As confidential information is sent across through mails and as lots of business communication happens through mails, security is a big concern for the organisations. Fortunately, It has been researched that outlook has good security and can block external content.
  1. Easy search option: It has an easy search option and can fetch all the mails related to the keyword that is searched. Though many mails have the search option, outlook performs the best as it does an integrated search and provides accurate results.
  1. Better connectivity: It can be connected to your phone and you have an option to sync your outlook account to the phone and the calendar on your phone can give you alerts about upcoming meetings.

One can see that the above features really make Microsoft Outlook a very useful tool that appeals to the users. The ease to use it makes it very popular among different users. If one learns the different features outlook has to offer, they can make effective usage of it and with Microsoft releasing updated versions very often, the features indeed improves and makes it among one of the best choices for organisations to use.


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