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Sep 19

Get on the fast track with Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification exams and programs are available all in one convenient place. Whether you are looking for CCENT, CCNA R&S, CCNP or CCDP, Logitrain can help you on your way.  All classes are available in morning, evenings and night shifts. Classes are also available on weekends and weeknights. Over 10,000 IT professionals began their careers with the help of Logitrain. We have the most affordable and convenient training, with the ability to take the Cisco exam right in our facilities.

CCNA Routing & Switching Authorised Training

CCNA is also considered entry-level certification after CCENT. It is also the foundation for CCNP  as well as CCIP, CCVP and CCIE Certifications. A CCNA  R&S student will gain familiarity and expertise with Cisco ‘s TCP/IP, IOS,  LAN and WAN technologies and management, switching and routing protocols, LAN troubleshooting and the OSI model.

Logitrain’s unique CCNA training course consists of intensive hours of hands-on classroom activity and lap practice to ensure success in the CCNA R&S certification exams. To help students, free mock exams and training material is provided free of cost. With Logitrain student also need to fully commit himself, as Logitrain alone cannot drag you into the exams. During and after Classroom, students have full remote lab access for unlimited practice.

 CCNA R&S Basics

The main aim of Cisco to create this popular certification in networking was to gain and recognize basic competency in installation and support of medium-sized networks. Also to improve the skills of IT professionals for future career pursue in networking. The CCNA certification covers both IP and non-IP networks including AppleTalk and IPX. Candidates qualifying in CCNA R&S certification get their abilities evaluated in an ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. It also includes the implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.

CCNA Routing & Switching Certification Exams

The CCNA Routing & Switching exam lasts approximately 2 hours, and no prerequisites are required. The exam has approximately 78 questions. The older CCNA exams had only 75-90 minutes to complete and included only about 65 questions. In order to pass the CCNA R&S exam, approximately 80 per cent of the questions must be answered correctly. CCNA R&S exam is available as a composite one exam or two separate exams. These exams are paid, so it is requested to candidates to come fully prepared, otherwise precious money will be wasted.

CCNA R&S Career Outlook

Today, CCNA R&S has become one of the most sought-after network certifications. It has continued to grow in its popularity and is surely a worthwhile addition to the resume. CCNA certified professionals usually land on the following jobs with their respective salaries.

  • Network Engineer $42,482 – $87,506
  • Sr. Network Engineer $61,858 – $112,113
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager $45,874 – $109,581
  • Network Administrator, IT $30,883 – $72,625
  • Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) $39,990 – $91,477

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