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Apr 29

AWS Explained – Simple and Easy

AWS explained, simple and easy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cloud computing services that are built on on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Services. AWS has more than 70 services and most popular within them are storage, database, networking, management, mobile, application services, internet of things etc. AWS provides large computing capacity quicker and cheaper than on premises infrastructure setup.

Why AWS is different than another vendors?

AWS is vastly different than other vendors in the traditional IT computing because of following reasons:

  • Flexible – AWS provide a lot of services including programming models, operating systems, databases, architectures etc.
  • Cost effective – Within AWS platform, organisations pay only for what they use, they not pay up front and there are no long term commitments.
  • Scalable and elastic – Organizations can add AWS resources quickly as well as subtract fast. AWS resources are very scalable and elastic to meet customer demand and manage costs.
  • Secure services – AWS provides security features built into the services. Each service in AWS cloud is architected to be highly secure. The services contain several capabilities that restrict unauthorized access or usage without sacrificing the flexibility that customers demand.
  • Experienced – AWS technology has been working from long time and AWS understands organisations and individuals need to leverage in delivering large scale, global infrastructure in a reliable, secure way.
  • Physical security – The data centers are physically secured in a variety of ways to prevent unauthorized access. Amazon designing, constructing, and operating large scale data centers all around the world.
  • Data privacy – AWS cloud encrypts personal and business data and publish backup and redundancy procedures for services so that your customers can protect their data and keep their applications running.

What you should consider to move to AWS?

  • Before moving to Amazon Web Services, the first thing to do is to make sure that your IT plan and business model of the organisation.
  • Think that how your organisation wants to take advantage of cloud resources and how they are best served through an external infrastructure.
  • You must think about key technology questions.
  • The list of key points, will vary depending upon your project and business, but usually includes the following:
  • The organisation have their own applications that need greater scalability, reliability, or security and can afford to maintain in your own environment?
  • The organisations capacity in term of hardware and bandwidth.
  • Is the organisation being seasonal, sometime very busy and sometime normal?
  • How can the cloud or AWS advance your IT and business objectives?


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