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Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Getting a job of own interest is difficult these days mainly due to the highly competitive market. Most job seekers do not know this face that “you have less than 20 seconds to allure a recruiter scanning through heaps of resumes”. We, as career managers know what employers look for in a resume and thus we give you the greatest possible chance of landing a job you want.

Our resume writing services Melbourne are customized to suit your requirements and make you ready for your next job role. We will build your professional portfolio that highlights your key capabilities to the employer. Our highly experienced Career managers outline your Career Objective, Your Key Skills and Achievements, Your Work Experience and Qualifications, Your Project Accomplishments and Other Relevant Information and make you STAND OUT OF THE CROWD. We work with you to develop a fully crafted resume in less turnaround time that makes candidates like you best fit for the role. We have extensive experience in securing candidates interviews through our valuable career advice, consulting and resume writing in job search.

Professional Resume Writing Service:
Our resume writers have a strong understanding of the job market and will work closely with you to ensure the best results are achieved. We have prepared resumes for our clients across Australia for nearly 10 years till now and got them successfully shortlisted for the applied job role.

Below is typical structure of Resume

  • Professional Summary
  • Key capabilities
  • Career History
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Key achievements
  • Education and Certifications
  • Plus other relevant details

Customized Cover Letter:
An impressive cover letter allows you to hit the targeted job and the employer in a very specific way. We believe, a cover letter is as important as the resume so we also offer strategically targeted cover letter writing service.

Below is typical structure of our Cover Letter

  • General cover letter/Specifically targeted cover letter
  • Build background
  • Relevant academic history and experience

Highlight key selection criteria

1. Entry Package
Appropriate for high school learners and recent graduates.
Professional Resume via Skype/Phone/Email: $225
Professional Resume via Face-to-Face Consultation: $325
Tailored and Targeted Cover Letter: $75

2. Skilled Package
Appropriate for people with 1 year or more work experience.
Professional Resume via Skype/Phone/Email: $325
Professional Resume via Face-to-Face Consultation: $425
Tailored and Targeted Cover Letter: $100

3. Management Package
Appropriate for people targeting senior roles and management positions.
Professional Resume via Skype/Phone/Email: $425
Professional Resume via Face-to-Face Consultation: $525
Tailored and Targeted Cover Letter: $125



The Procedure

  • After reviewing your details, you will be emailed a quote and payment details.
  • Payment can be made via EFTPos, credit card or online transfer.
  • After your payment has been received, our consultant will get in touch and may obtain further details about your skillsets, experience, work preference.
  • Then the consultant will prepare an initial draft and forward it to you in Microsoft Word format for review and comments.
  • After you have reviewed the initial draft you may request changes and the consultant will produce the second draft.
  • After you have examined the second draft you may request more changes, the consultant will incorporate the changes you asked for and will produce the third and final version.

Kindly note:

The fees provided above include up to two revisions from the initial draft. Changes requested must be received within 2 weeks from the date of draft. Additional revisions incur extra fee. If the consultant does not hear from your within this timeframe it will be considered the resume has been approved and accepted.
It should be noted there are many other factors that play a vital role in shortlisting a candidate for positions, we do our absolute best in creating the best possible resume for you however, we do not guarantee that you will get the job as a result of using our resume writing service.

When do I get my new resume?
We require 4-6 working days unless otherwise specified. However, if you require the resume quicker, please let us know and depending on availability we may be able to work within your time frame. An additional fee of $90 applies.

Our Locations
A vast majority clients get their resume done via Skype/Phone/Email. Face-to-face consultations are available at these locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide