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ITIL® Practitioner Course

ITIL® Practitioner Certification

ITIL® Practitioner level has been recently and specially created to enable an organisation and its workforce to expand its skillsets. ITIL® framework is about adopting and adapting to specific conditions and requirements of the organisation and move them in line towards ITSM.

ITIL® is a widely used approach in the IT industry and accepted throughout the globe. It forms the base for handling IT operations. ITIL® practitioner enables you to understand ITIL® framework which supports your business needs. This certification training course gives you a better understanding of ITIL® language and how it can be put into practice in the IT industry.

The ITIL® Practitioner certification training is a 2 days course and covers the skills which makes hierarchical change in measurements, correspondence and administration.

ITIL® Practitioner certification training course also supports a culture of steady organisation change and improves viability, effectiveness. It also gives conventional bearing on the most ideal approach to apply and modify ITIL® in an organisation.

ITIL® Practitioner certification is relevant for professional who have acquired the ITIL® Foundation certification and have effectively understand the basics of IT Service Management.

Within the ITIL® Practitioner certification training course participants study in-depth the 9 fundamentals of service improvements, metrics and measurements. ITIL® expert certification requires 22 credit points and ITIL® Practitioner certification awards you 3 credit points. In ITIL® Practitioner certification we cover crucial competencies and some of them are measurement, communication, metrics and change management.

The principles:
1) Designing and Experience
2) Starting from where you are
3) Working Holistically
4) Focusing on Value
5) Collaboration
6) Observing directly
7) Being Transparent
8) Progressing Iteratively

ITIL® Practitioner certification training course provides a unique path to understand and uses the ITIL® guidance in order to enhance the current services and process. Along with the 9  principles it also considers 3 crucial competencies.

This certification is a key requirement for the following jobs:

  • Business Analyst
  • Application Support Specialist
  • Service Delivery
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Other IT Service Management related jobs

ITIL® Foundation v3 certification or higher is required; we strongly recommend to refresh your knowledge about ITIL® Foundation before you start the course.

Candidates can achieve this certification by passing following exam(s).

  • ITIL Practitioner

Type of exam: Open book
Number of questions: 40 MCQs
Passing score: 70% pass percentage (29 out of 40 questions should be correct)
Exam duration: 2hrs 15min

The certification exam if included in your course can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion at Logitrain training centre on weekdays during normal business hours (excludes public holidays)

We provide ITIL Practitioner Guidance
  • In-depth knowledge about ITSM and how to implement it
  • Applying CSI to develop organisational context
  • How to use metrics and measurement for the steady improvement?
  • Adopting and adapting ITIL® framework in your current organisation
  • Using ITSM, gain the ability to deal with challenging task in your organisation
  • CSI Managers
  • ITSM project team and project managers
  • Business process improvement teams
  • Individuals who have achieved the ITIL Foundation
  • Process Manager
  • Business Relationship Manager
  • Process Owner
  • IT department Manager
  • System Integrator
  • IT consultant
  • Service management concept includes adopting and adapting ITIL®
  • Value, outcome, cost and risk
  • 9 guiding principles e.g. focus on value, design and experience, start where you are, work holistically, progress iteratively, observe directly, be transparent, collaborate, keeping it simple
  • Knowing Service improvement approach
  • Vision, path to reach our goal and dealing the challenges with better approach
  • Metrics and Measurement

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What is included with the ITIL® Practitioner Course?

Includes Official Exam Fee

Take the certification exam within 3 months of course / module completion

Authorized Test Center

Take the official vendor certification exam at the Logitrain training center

Includes Books & Meals

Course material in hardcopy included for you to keep. Full-time courses include meals

Includes Mock & Test Questions

Mock tests included in full-time courses for 3 months from course completion

Includes Course Retake

Sit through the entire course again to clear any doubts. Included in full-time courses

Our Price Beat Guarantee

Relax, we will beat competitor’s advertised price. Our course has no extra costs






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