IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System is used to test the proficiency of an individual in English. It uses a 9 – band scale to measure the level of English proficiency that one possesses with 9 being the highest band score. There are two types of IELTS exams:
1. IELTS Academic: IELTS Academic test is mostly undertaken by those individuals who aim to go to certain English-speaking countries for studying. It is also used for Professional registration.

2. IELTS General Training: IELTS General Training is mostly undertaken by individuals who need to prove their English language proficiency for migration purposes to various countries like Canada and Australia.

Though the core structure of the exam remains unchanged, there is slight variation in the pattern of both the exams. As any other English Testing exam, IELTS test has four modules namely Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. The first three modules are covered during a paper-based exam conducted at authorised exam centres whereas the Speaking test is conducted separately either on the same day or on the day allotted by IELTS.
It is always advisable to go well prepared for the IELTS exam by undertaking IELTS training as it is highly comprehensive and critically analyses your skills on all parameters, be it vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency and written discourse.

At Logitain, we aim to provide all the resources necessary for everyone attending the IELTS training with us, to attain the required score.

It is essential to take IELTS training as IELTS score is an essential requirement for various visa types across different English speaking nations.

  • Student Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Citizenship
After undertaking the IELTS training one can sit for either of the following two exams
  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General Training

The person undertaking IELTS course can attain following skills.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Oral Fluency
  • Vocabulary

This a general outline for those aiming to go for IELTS Preparation course.

One gets 30 minutes during listening section with 10 minutes extra to transfer the answers to answer sheet. There are 40 questions of different types played across 4 sub-sections. The question types may vary from multiple-choice, matching, plan, map, diagram labelling, table or form completion, short answer as well as sentence completion.

This section is different for the Academic and General Training students mainly on the levels of difficulty. There are 3 sub-sections in both tests with 40 questions overall. Students get 60 minutes to complete the test which also includes transferring the answers to answer sheet. The format as well as difficulty level varies from Academic to General Training.

This section runs for around 60 minutes during which the student needs to attempt two sub-sections. The second task is same for both modules though in the first task, the academic student writes a description based on facts, whereas the General training student writes a letter.

One gets to showcase their oral communication skills in English over 11-14 minutes’ time wherein one needs to attempt 3 sub-sections starting with Introduction and small talk followed by a cue card questions and follow-up questions. This section aims to test the oral fluency as well as pronunciation as well as vocabulary of an individual.

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