MCSD: Web Applications

MCSD: Web Applications Course + Exam Details

MCSD: Web Applications Certification

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Web Application certification highlights the Software Developer possesses key HTML5, CS3, Windows Azure and Web Services.

This certification is a key requirement for the following jobs:

  • Web Application and Web Developer related jobs

Exposure to software development

Candidates can achieve this certification by passing following exam(s).

  1. Microsoft 70-483
  2. Microsoft 70-486
  3. Microsoft 70-487

The certification exam if included in your course can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion at Logitrain training centre on weekdays during normal business hours (excludes public holidays)

Programming in C#
Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
Developing Windows Azure and Web Services


(Logitrain Course material provided)

  • Manage program flow
  • Create and use types
  • Debug applications and implement security
  • Implement data access
  • Design the application architecture
  • Design the user experience
  • Develop the user experience
  • Troubleshoot and debug web applications
  • Design and implement security
  • Accessing data
  • Querying and manipulating data by using the entity Framework
  • Designing and implementing WCF Services
  • Creating and consuming Web API-based services
  • Deploying web applications and services
  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Individuals seeking MCSD certification
  • Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing
  • Manage multithreading
  • Implement program flow
  • Create and implement events and callbacks
  • Implement exception handling
  • Create types
  • Consume types
  • Enforce encapsulation
  • Create and implement a class hierarchy
  • Find, execute and create types at runtime by using reflection
  • Manage the object lifecycle
  • Manipulate strings
  • Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  • Manage assemblies
  • Debug an application
  • Implement diagnostics in an application
  • Perform I/O operations
  • Consume data
  • Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ
  • Serialise and deserialise data
  • Store data in and retrieve data from collections
  • Plan the application layers
  • Design a distributed application
  • Design and implement the Windows Azure role lifecycle
  • Configure state management
  • Design a caching strategy
  • Design and implement a Web Socket strategy
  • Design HTTP modules and handlers
  • Apply the user interface design for a web application
  • Design and implement UI behaviour
  • Compose the UI layout of an application
  • Enhance application behaviour and style based on browser feature detection
  • Plan an adaptive UI layout
  • Plan for search engine optimisation and accessibility
  • Plan and implement globalisation and localisation
  • Design and implement MVC controllers and actions
  • Design and implement routes
  • Control application behaviour by using MVC extensibility points
  • Reduce network bandwidth
  • Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues
  • Design an exception handling strategy
  • Test a web application
  • Debug a Windows Azure application
  • Configure authentication
  • Configure and apply authorisation
  • Design and implement claims-based authentication across federated identity stores
  • Manage data integrity
  • Implement a secure site with ASP.NET
  • Choose data access technologies
  • Implement caching
  • Implement transactions
  • Implement data storage in Windows Azure
  • Create and implement a WCF Data Services service
  • Manipulate XML data structures
  • Query and manipulate data by using the Entity Framework
  • Query and manipulate data by using Data Provider for Entity Framework
  • Query data by using LINQ to Entities
  • Query and manipulate data by using ADO.NET
  • Create an Entity Framework data model
  • Create a WCF service
  • Configure WCF services by using configuration settings
  • Configure WCF services by using the API
  • Secure a WCF service
  • Consume WCF services
  • Version a WCF service
  • Create and configure a WCF service on Windows Azure
  • Implement messaging patterns
  • Host and manage services
  • Design a Web API
  • Implement a Web API
  • Secure a Web API
  • Host and manage Web API
  • Consume Web API web services
  • Design a deployment strategy
  • Choose a deployment strategy for a Windows Azure web application
  • Configure a web application for deployment
  • Manage packages by using NuGet
  • Create, configure and publish a web package
  • Share assemblies between multiple applications and servers

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