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Windows Help and Support

Windows Help and Support

Microsoft is a global company who offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. From manufacturing all sorts of devices such as laptops, desktops and developing application suites such as the Microsoft Office application suite, Microsoft supplies a significant number of people and organisations around the world with their technology. In the process of supplying customers with their products and services, Microsoft also has to provide support for the customers so that any problems that arise can be resolved, or Microsoft risks losing their customers to bad service.

Microsoft has any types of customers and many types of problems that all these customers can encounter when they use Microsoft technology. Microsoft technology is used by a wide range of demographics, such as a highly technologically able computer engineer, to a semi-capable student or a non-technologically able elderly. And these demographics can encounter different problems that may or may not be within their capacity to solve by themselves. A computer engineer may be able to solve 99% of problems on their devices independently or with minimal outside assistance in an instant, a student may need guidance and some time to be able to solve their problem but an elderly person would not even begin to know what the problem is and would need someone else to do it for them.

In this case, Microsoft has different levels of customer support that it provides. A more basic and minimal type of support Microsoft provides is its Microsoft Community, where Microsoft customers and Microsoft experts can join an online forum to discuss problems and issues. Forum posters can assist each other with problems and can also bring major problems to the attention of Microsoft so that fixes and patches can be developed. Forum goers can post questions about how to navigate, diagnose or repair their products and services and have these questions answered by Microsoft experts or other forum members who have the experience to answer them. Forums are suitable for more technologically literate customers who only need minimal help to solve their problems.

Secondly, an assisted support option is available for Microsoft customers who need more than a forum to help them solve problems. An assisted support option provides assisted technical support so that customers can talk to a real person who can guide them through the process of diagnosing and repairing any problems they might have. This is suitable for customers who are technologically able but lack the knowledge of what the problem is and how to fix it.

Finally, Microsoft Contact Support provides a more direct assistance option, where customers can download the Get Help app, combines all the previous assistance options as well as linking the customer to a real-life person if all else fails. The Get Help application connects the customer to a virtual AI chatbot that can talk the customer through a diagnosis of their problem.

Microsoft provides a wide range of possibilities for its customers to receive technical support. There are many types of support customers can receive, from receiving hints through a forum post to being connected to a Microsoft employee who will diagnose and fix any problem with a device. Microsoft provides support for a wide range of demographics with varying skill in technology.

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