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Windows 8.1 Top Tips and Tricks

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was launched as an improvement over Windows 8 which changed the way people used to look at a Microsoft operating system. The change was hard to digest for many. The trademark Start button was missing, although one could add with some third-party installations, along with a complete makeover of the layout. As a relief to the users, Microsoft re-introduced the Start button, but with limited functionality, in Windows 8.1. It will take a lot more effort to undo the Windows 8 bottlenecks for the users, but let us take a look at a few tips and tricks to make the user experience better.

1) Log in straight to the desktop

One can boot straight to the desktop to avoid the sliding colour blocks of the Start Screen. Just right click on the desktop taskbar, select Properties, and then select Navigation tab – under the Start screen check the box against ‘When I sign in or close all applications on screen, go to desktop instead of start.’

2) Applications folder

The quicker way to access all the apps in one place is the Applications folder. Create a new folder and rename it :


All the applications will now show in this folder. And one can even pin it to start by right clicking the folder and selecting Pin to Start.

3) System Image Backup

System image backup tool was present by default in Windows 7 and 8, but it is not visible in Windows 8.1. One can still access this by going into Control Panel → System and Security → File History window → System Image Back up option.

4) Bring up Libraries

By default Libraries option is not visible on the File Explorer in Windows 8.1. One can bring it up by opening File Explorer → This PC → View → Navigation → Show Libraries.

5) Hassle-free search

When one enters a keyword to search in the Search Charm one can see a plethora of results from all over the web apart from one’s PC. One can do away with this overabundance by disabling the web component in Settings charm → Change PC Settings → Search.

6) Multitasking made easy

One could dock two apps abutting each other in Windows 8 but one can dock three apps in Windows 8.1. Just drag and app from the top, down to the side of the screen. One can also resize these docked apps.

7) Invert Selection

Everyone has now or then came across a situation where one has to do multiple selections on a window. If the number is small we can hold CTRL and select the items, but when one has to select almost all the items barring a few, one can use the Invert Selection feature on the Home tab. Just select the items one does not want and click Invert Selection to select the wanted items.

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