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Windows 10 Top Tips and Tricks

Windows 10

Windows 10 was a welcome change from Windows 8.1. It gave the Microsoft operating systems a new life. Not only did it make the Windows experience faster but it also brought Windows back to its more usable form as in Windows 7 and its predecessors. And not to mention, Windows 10 gives more mobility, is more secure, and has better enterprise features. Discussed below are a few tips and tricks to further streamline the Windows 10 user exposure.

1) Focus Assist

It is a new component that saves one from the interruptions by notifications and hence one can focus on one’s work. Just go to Settings → System → Focus Assist (choose from Off, Priority Only, and Alarms Only, depending upon one’s requirement).

2) Pause updates

At times in a secure environment, one does not want to install the updates as soon as they are made available, can be due to security reasons, or application compatibility. In Windows 10 the Updates can be paused. Go to System → Updates and Security → Windows Updates. One can also check Advanced options for more granular settings.

3) Jump between virtual desktops

Windows 10 has taken multitasking to a new level with access to Virtual Desktops. Click on the Task View on the desktop toolbar and all the open applications and documents get separated into icons. On the top-left of the icons, an option says New Desktop, drag and drop the icons onto this and group the similar applications together (multiple New Desktop can be created). To undo these new groupings go to Task View and delete the individual New Desktops, this will not close the running apps.

4) Open items on Taskbar using the keyboard

When one is engrossed in typing it gets a little annoying to use the mouse to open a new application. Windows 10 has made it easy to open the applications pinned to Taskbar by using a simple keyboard shortcut:

Windows key + [Number], the number corresponding to the position of the application one wants to open.

5) Screenshots made easy

The easiest way to capture the entire screen is pressing the Windows key + Print Screen key, but if one wants to capture only a part of the screen, just press Windows key + Shift + S and the Screen Snip tool opens.

6) Sharing to nearby devices

This is similar to orthodox Infrared/Bluetooth sharing. Click Share option at the top of the document or photo toolbar and select Turn On Nearby Sharing from the panel.

7) Far-reaching Calculator

To date, almost everyone has used a calculator to perform simple or scientific calculations. And with the new calculator, one can also do Programmer calculations, various unit conversions, and even calculate dates.

8) Dictation

Microsoft has always provided speech recognition features but Windows 10 has made it simpler to use. Press Windows key + H to pop up a tool to record your speech and change that into text.

9) Emojis

A whole new array of emojis can be accessed by pressing Windows key + . (period).

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